Our Heroes Win With Lessonly: Learning Management System Comparison Straight from our Customers

When I first sat down to write about learning management system (LMS) software, I thought—how do I make this interesting? Then I asked myself, “What do the best stories do well?”

I came up with these answers:

  1. They entertain us. We’re not counting down the pages or minutes until it’s over because we’re having a great time. We don’t want it to end.
  2. They educate us. We walk away inspired by new ideas or something bigger than ourselves.

Will this blog be the greatest story ever told? No way. It’s about learning management systems.

But will you learn about how some real-life people accomplish some real-life things with Lessonly? You bet. Most of all, I hope you’ll see how why our customers are our heroes. Their comments make us smile, and we think they’ll do the same for you. 

Moodle, Docebo, MindTickle, Litmos LMS, Google Classroom, TalentLMS, and Lessonly are all different flavors of learning management systems—they fulfill specific business needs. These are just a handful of the dozens of companies competing in the e-learning, online training space.

So, what makes Lessonly stand apart from the other learning management system examples? Here’s what our customers had to say.

1.  Lessonly aligns teams.

“[We] use it as a way to onboard new employees and keep it as a resource for all. Even if you do not plan on training new hires any time soon, it is a great resource for current hires to make sure that everyone is on the same page for workflows. Employees can refer back to the information again and again without having to ask a superior for an answer to their question.” —Miranda C. | Buyer Experience Expert | Small Business

“With 300 employees growing at 20 / month we’re always training and onboarding. Lessonly has allowed us to structure repeatable online learning and allocate courses to employees easily.” —Glenn E. | Human Resources | Mid-Market

2. Lessonly enables people to onboard like pros.

“Our onboarding of new agents has been much more successful. We’ve reduced the time it takes from hire to our agents being fully integrated into their teams by 3 months.” 

Sarah H. | Mid-Market | Manager of Self-Service and Content Internet

“Most of my team is remote and I don’t know how I would have onboarded new employees without Lessonly. I created an entire library of lessons for my team to teach them everything from a large, day-one overview, to very granular, step-by-step processes. We went over the lessons in training along with a few quizzes and activities. Now those lessons are still in the Learning Library and my team can easily reference them as needed.” —Briana S. | Digital Merchandising Manager | Mid-Market

3. Lessonly helps teams keep content fresh and updated.

“Before our education and training was outdated and prior employees who had went through the onboarding process were not receiving the same quality of training we had updated for newer employees. Lessonly gives us the tools to make sure that even employees who have been with us for longer are up to date on all of the latest lessons and knowledge on our products, processes, and systems.”  —Kaitlyn K | Associate Product Manager | Mid-Market

“With Lessonly, it’s easy to create and dispense learning materials and process/product updates. We also have the ability to track user engagement, scores and content-specific feedback to continually improve our learning material.” —Anjeliqueca B. | Project Manager | Small Business

4. Lessonly’s software is great and the people are even better.

“I can’t say enough good things about the service you will receive from the people designated to work with you. From the sales to the support, everything is top notch and the team will really make sure you feel comfortable with the product prior to signing on.” —Karen R. | Customer Experience | Enterprise

“Lessonly is versatile, easy to use and innovative. The care and attentiveness of the implementation team (shoutout to Katie) and our account manager (shoutout to Kelsey) are second to none. I’m the only person at my company that looks after learning and development so their insight, advice, and willingness to help me think strategically when it comes to planning company training have been more valuable than I can put a price tag on.”  —Jessica S. | Learning and Development Program Manager | Mid-Market

“Call me sentimental, but my favorite part of Lessonly are the people, with the actual product as a close second! The team at Lessonly is amazing to work with and the tool they created has been the perfect tool for our company to scale our channel network of solar and sustainable improvement contractors.” —Alex G. | MarCom Manager | Enterprise Customer

Interested in Lessonly? We’re interested in you.

We’re not a free learning management system or an open source learning solution, but we’re committed to partnering with you and your team to build a remarkably effective and resoundingly successful learning program. If you’re ready to “wow” your team with online training that works how their brain does, visit our LMS website for more details on how we compare to our competitors, or take a tour or demo of Lessonly today.

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