Online Training Software Open Source Does not Mean Free

One word that is misleading and is often associated with open source learning management systems (LMS) is the word free. It is misleading because the word free does not mean no cost.

What is the real cost of a free (open source) LMS to your company?

Constant maintenance and support

On the front end, free online training software may seem like the most cost-effective method, but you need to consider the ongoing maintenance and support that open source requires. If your company is able to update and regularly troubleshoot issues, then open source might be best for your company. However, it is very rare that a business is able to do those things. If you are considering investing in an open source LMS for your company, you might as well invest in another engineer to work on that project and adapt it for your team.

Hidden fees

The license fee is free. During the LMS lifetime, to properly launch the LMS, run and administer information, you will need more than the license code. Companies make a community version that is a free stripped-down, bare-bones version of their commercial product.

An example of this is Moodle, a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. There are fees such as server set-up fees, site branding, hosting, upgrades, etc.

Less security

In OSS, there is a lack of security. Since the code is open, the system has a higher chance of being exploited through hacking and viruses. Proprietary software companies work to build security by having team members dedicated to ensuring the security of their software.customization of features.

Open access

When using OSS, you have less control over who is tracking your employees. You don’t really know who is tracking your lessons, and you don’t know who has access to your learners’ data. You never know, it could be your competitors. OSS can feel impersonal and dangerous because companies do not know the face behind their software.

You can evaluate Lessonly for free for two weeks just by signing up for a free trial at the top of the page. A training tracking software open source is also not the most effective. Before using OSS, take the time to evaluate closed software options and see if they would be a better fit for your company.

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