Online Training Courses: The Truth About Customized Learning Paths vs. Pre-Built Content

The search has started! Your company is looking to level up your team by offering some online training courses, but it’s hard to know what software will truly make your team thrive. One of the first questions that you should explore is, 

“Do I need a tool that has general online courses that are already created, or would a software that creates personalized learning paths better fit my needs?”

This post dives into both options to uncover which best fits what you’re looking to accomplish. 

When deciding between customized learning paths and prebuilt online courses, the next question to ask yourself is:

“What type of content do I want to train my team on?”

Prebuilt Online Courses

There are two popular directions that you can go here, but it all depends on what you are looking to accomplish with this initiative. There are a plethora of learning tools that have pre-built, off the shelf learning paths. This type of learning software often has courses that cover topics ranging from how to improve presentations skills to leadership development and management training. 

The great thing about pre-built online courses is—as the name suggests—the content is already created for you. So it’s quick to implement and takes very little time to check the box and get your team learning.

But, there are some downsides depending on where the content is coming from. These courses can become outdated quickly because of how rapidly certain industries and fields of work change. Pre-built online courses can also be unengaging, which leaves teams feeling disinterested in learning solutions, and you feel like the learning software was a waste of time and money. Lastly, the courses may not fit your exact needs.

Customized Learning Paths

Thankfully, there’s another option. There are tools that help you and your team build custom learning paths. There’s software that enables people to create impactful training content that’s unique to their company. It’s specific enough to train teams on how to perform hyper-personalized tasks within their organization. This means that customized learning paths will have your brand’s culture and feel to it. 

With this style of online training courses, it is simple to make and edit content to fit your exact needs, and tailor it to your desired outcome. It can be created by subject matter experts from within your organization who know the most about your company and the roles that help your company achieve their goals. It will also have your company’s messaging in it and feels unique to your organization. Lastly, these tools can give you more insight into how your employees are performing and interacting with the content, which provides accountability because it can be tied back to their performance.

Although there are many benefits, customized learning content might be more robust than what you need today. These learning paths take more time to create than off the shelf content, and they’re usually more expensive. They also need to be edited and updated to ensure that your team is getting the best online courses available. 

Finding the Best Online Courses

After reflecting on the questions above, if you decided that pre-built online courses are exactly what you need, you should check out these content providers: Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, Harvard free online courses, and Lynda learning. All of them have extensive libraries of pre-built content that cover a variety of topics, and some even offer free online training courses.

But, if you think customized learning paths are the route for you, then I’d love for you to consider Lessonly for your team. With our content authoring solution, you can easily build impactful training content, scale learning across your team, and get insights into how your team is performing. So don’t be a stranger— schedule a demo here and talk with our awesome sales team.

You’ve got customizable content creator written all over you.

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