Onboarding Starts with Recruiting

Just as interviewers assess candidates before they walk through the door; candidates evaluate organizations. As the interview process continues, the evaluation of both sides becomes more definite.

The relationship between an organization and a potential employee starts before the first day. It’s before the first handshake at the interview and even before the email to set up the phone interview. According to a study published in the Academy of Management Journal, employees start evaluating after they click the “Submit” button on their application. Thus, companies need to prepare even before they know the applicants’ names.

Reduce uncertainty throughout

When applicants know what stage the company is in the hiring process, they feel better about their relationship with the company. Leaving employees out of the loop about a timeline can leave them feeling neglected and nervous. Even an automatic email reply after an application can lead to a feeling of comfort more than an empty inbox. Let them know a timeline after the initial contact. They’ve likely had an interview before, but they may not be aware of how your company’s process works. You don’t have to tell them everything, just a simple overview of next steps from your side will help clear up the process.

First-Impressions go both ways

Believe it or not, you will begin to onboard applicants before their acceptance. Remember that if companies do not provide positive interactions with applicants throughout the recruitment process, they will expect a negative relationship throughout employment and onboarding. Recruiting and interview clichés, “a good, firm handshake,” “look the interview in they eye,” and such, are important. But, what may be just as important is the initial contact of an employee. A friendly automatic reply rather than just a statement of receipt on an application can set the tone for the rest of the hiring process.

Act quickly

Quick action in the recruiting program is a great way to ensure a positive relationship. When a company hustles in the recruiting process, it shows respect for the employee. It also could give your company an advantage over the competition. Getting an offer to a client in a month while their other offer is taking three shows an urgency to bring this person on to the team.  Along with urgency, it makes the applicant feel like they will be able to impact the company. The care and the offer to make an impact could be exactly what your competitor was lacking. Don’t miss out on talent due to a lack of hustle.

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