Onboarding Software Checklist: Evaluate Your Process

Being a new hire is probably one of the most awkward times in the employee lifecycle. After all, even if you have a perfectly tailored skill set, there are so many things to learn in order to feel like a contributing member of a company team. Unfortunately, with so many things that need to be learned when someone joins a company, it’s often easy to overlook aspects of a person’s assimilation into your company, with the result being a sense of uneasiness in a new hire about their job. Fortunately, companies like ours have created employee onboarding software, which makes all phases of an employee’s experience not only complete, but uniform with everyone else who receives the advantages of this revolutionary approach to training.

The employment checklist

Many companies have relied solely on the checklist approach to onboarding employees in their efforts to not only make sure that every employee is given a complete introduction to a company culture, but to also ensure that everyone is up-to-speed and on the same page when it comes to their jobs and their place in the overall mission of the company. Unfortunately, as complete as this approach might seem, mistakes and omissions happen, much to the detriment of the employee experience.

Onboarding software

With contemporary software applications comes an entirely new, better and complete approach to training a new employee to make sure that the new hire is not only given a complete understanding of the company and its culture that he or she is now a part of, but with onboarding software an employee is sure to receive a complete interactive experience that will keep them informed of changes and updates to company policies throughout his or her employment history. Further, with the interactive nature of onboarding software, employers can take advantage of the two-way street of communication in onboarding software in order to understand which employees are getting it, which ones aren’t, and provide the tools to help them succeed all within the same application. Our Training Software Buyer’s Guide will help you figure out exactly what you need from your onboarding software.

Onboarding software checklist

Be sure to look for these features when reviewing onboarding software providers:

  • Improves insight with quizzes and tracking
  • Houses all types of documents required for onboarding
  • Scales to your needs
  • Device-aware to work on any screen
  • Efficient, built-in communication
  • Dependable for long-term resource sharing
  • Developer-free implementation

Without allowing employees to become totally familiar with a company, it won’t be long before that employee will feel underappreciated and lost in your company culture. With new employee onboarding software as a part of an overall employment program, all employees will be more familiar with their new employer, how the organization works, and will get a better picture of how they fit into your company’s mission.

The result will be happier employees that are happier and more productive.

Learn how companies like yours use Lessonly to onboard new employees every day here.

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