The Official Saastr Podcast dubs Lessonly “one of the fastest growing startups not in Silicon Valley.”

This week, our CEO Max Yoder joined Harry Stebbings on The Official Saastr Podcast to discuss Lessonly’s journey as a SaaS company. We were honored to hear Harry label us “one of the fastest growing startups not in Silicon Valley.” Click here to catch the full episode.

You’ll hear Max and Harry discuss:

  • Why we created Lessonly and how we’ve grown
  • How to scale a sales organization and drive repeatable results
  • Why we decided to focus on small segment of potential customers
  • How we hire and what we look for in Lessonly employees
  • Why we value vulnerability in our leadership and culture
  • Why we’re committed to building this company in Indianapolis, as opposed to the Valley
  • How we decided to launch Lessonly Services, and why it matters
  • What makes an effective SaaS board of directors

The Official Saastr Podcast is a leading podcast about the competitive world of SaaS. They interview some of the most prominent operators and investors to discover their tips, tactics, and strategies to attain success in the SaaS market. Thanks to Harry and the team for hosting Max—it was a fantastic conversation!

In case you missed it the first time, catch the podcast here!

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