Now Launching — 30 Brilliant Breakouts at Yellowship

Yellowship is all about learning from one another and from some of the world’s most brilliant innovators. That’s why we invited more than 30 industry influencers and leaders to challenge and inspire us to Do Better Work at our breakout sessions.

With topics across sales, customer service, L&D, culture, and leadership, there’s something for everyone. Feel free to stick with one track throughout the conference, or mix-and-match to create an experience that’s right for you. Here’s a closer look at each track:


Culture that Quirks
Marge Hudson, Culture & Training Manager, Dia & Co.
Increasingly, the push to add “culture” to the overall employee experience can feel like yet another KPI that overwhelms instead of excites. Learn how getting to know your colleagues—and connecting them to your customers and mission—can inspire them their careers. Through actionable examples, discuss new ways to build a team that’s excited and empowered to change the world together.

Let’s Talk about Trust
Rhiannon Mosoronchon, People & Culture Specialist, Litwiniuk & Company
Trust is not a soft skill. It’s tough and resilient. And it’s the one thing most likely to make or break your team. But it’s often overlooked and undervalued. Join this discussion about trust: what it means, why it’s important, and how to build a high-trust culture. Because when people feel comfortable getting real with their team, they do better work and live better, happier, lives.

Using Your Story to Bring Out the Best in Teams
Drew Fifiled, Senior Director, Learning and Development, Industrious
Personal connections can be a powerful way to create cohesiveness and drive productivity on teams. As the hard line between work and life begins to blur, we’ll explore how crafting personal stories can help build greater collaboration, increase belonging, and drive outcomes for your teams.

Decoding Difficult Conversations
Casey Cumbow, Software Engineer Manager, Lessonly
In this interactive session, learn how to increase connection and understanding in both your personal and professional life through a framework called Nonviolent Communication. By practicing identifying and communicating your observations, feelings, needs, and requests, you’ll leave this session with actionable ways to improve communication and make difficult conversations less challenging.

Evolve Your Culture in a Year—Or Less
Mark Bussell, National Director of Growth and Development Sholastic, Jostens
Has anyone ever told you something is impossible? Challenge accepted. In this session, learn first-hand from the rocket ride Mark experienced in transforming a team with 100+ years of traditional brick-and-mortar mentality, zero-day development culture, and an independent workforce into a Continuous Learning Culture (r)evolution.

Mastering Your Speaking Voice
Jimmy Miller, Director of Training of Development, OutboundEngine
For most sales and support reps, their voice is the only point of contact they have with a prospect or customer. This session distills MFA-quality coaching and translates it into actionable skills for anyone that communicates with their mouth. Bring your company’s elevator pitch, and be prepared to make some noise.

Customer Service

Prioritizing a Personalized Customer Experience
Marcus Hall, President, California Closets
Consumers have been insulted for far too long; they deserve so much more than the standard one-size-fits-all experience they are consistently given today. In this session, we’ll learn to look for ways to create hyper-personalized experiences that elicit deep emotional responses from our customers.

Creating a Culture in Customer Support
Sandrine Yang, Training Instructor, Thumbtack
When employees feel valued, culture increases, and great cultures make great things possible. In this session, learn how to foster a culture that values autonomy, critical thinking, and retention. Not only will your customer support team perform well, but your whole company will improve.

Developing an Engaged & Knowledgeable Customer Service Team
Dillon Ryan, Manager, Member Services, Thrive Market
In this session, we’ll discuss ways to create an environment in which customer service reps enjoy what they do, are engaged, and have a passion for learning.

How Customer Tears Led to a 100% Satisfaction Rating
Maddy Rieman, Director of Customer Success, Cerkl
In this session, we’ll discuss ways to create an environment in which customer service reps enjoy what they do, are engaged, and have a passion for learning.

Resiliency: A Daily Practice
Karen Riddell, CX Associate Manager, Training and Communications, Warby Parker
It’s no secret: bad days can happen to anyone, even to our favorite customers. And when frustration strikes, support reps should be prepared to work through the situation at hand and move on to the next one with ease. By using effective resilience methods, we can ensure our teams have the tools to fully help each customer, without negatively impacting their day.

Launching Lessonly with Vendor Support Teams
Natasha Lende, Training and Documentation Manager, Member Services, Etsy
In this session, we’ll discuss the challenges of launching new vendors and channels, and learn how the Etsy team used Lessonly to scale their support operations overseas.


Practice Makes Performers
Bryan Naas, Director, Sales Enablement, Lessonly
In this session, we’ll discuss the challenges of launching new vendors and channels, and learn how the Etsy team used Lessonly to scale their support operations overseas.

Creating a Culture of Constant Learning
Shawn Fowler, VP, Sales Enablement, SalesLoft
In competitive environments, sales reps must constantly learn in order to continuously win. Yet salespeople are often overwhelmed with information and communication. In this session, we’ll discuss effective approaches to helping reps focus and creating a culture of constant learning.

Using Sales Kickoff to Supercharge Your Annual Strategy
Meganne Brezina, Senior Manager, Sales Enablement, Emarsys
Learn how to effectively plan your commercial organization’s biggest event of the year, and gain tangible ideas on how to “control the chaos” that will inevitably come. We’ll discuss tactics for planning a killer kickoff, delivering a stellar event, and keeping the drumbeat going—all year long.

Transparency Wins: The “Flawsome” Sales Evolution
Todd Caponi, Author, The Transparency Sale
Most people would agree that selling honestly is the “right thing” to do; interestingly, new decision science reveals it’s also the most effective way to sell. With reviews and feedback appearing next to nearly everything we buy and sell, embracing our flaws and leading with transparency is no longer optional. In this session, learn how to ready your teams for this non-obvious sales evolution.

Building a World-Class Onboarding as an Army of One
Misha McPherson, CEO & Sales Whisperer, HumbleGritSales
In this session, learn how to build a world-class sales onboarding program that is lean and scrappy but looks like a million bucks.

Do Better Sales
Bryan Neele, CEO, Blind Zebra Enterprises
In support of Lessonly’s simple mission, learn a framework, thinking, and tactical advice that will help you and your team Do Better Sales.

The First 90 Days
Brian Bar, CEO, Victory Lap
Join this panel of dynamic sales leaders for an interactive discussion about inspiring performance and driving skill development for new hires.


Creating a Learning Value Stream
Bethany Kline, Sr. Training Specialist,
As a learning professional, you probably spend a lot of effort focused on creating the maximum impact for your learners. In this session, we’ll identify ways to add the most value and cut out waste!

Streamlining Management Training—On a Global Scale
Jessica Smith, Learning and Development Program Manager, Xactly
Most people aren’t born leaders—but it is a skill that can be developed. In this session, learn how to streamline your management training on a global scale.

Growing up Lessonly
Jamie Madison, Education Specialist, ActiveCampaign
In this session, learn first-hand how ActiveCampaign evolved their use of Lessonly from filling knowledge gaps on customer-facing teams to proactive, role-specific lessons and paths for departments across the company. Discover how your team can shift gears and up-level your learning game, too.

Democratize Training in Your Org
Zoe Meinecke, Director of Services, Lessonly
Join this panel of exceptional managers for an interactive discussion about balancing management and training—and for tips on incorporating Lessonly into your daily workflow.

Career Cartography
Nat Brown, Learning & Development Manager, Healthgrades
In 2018, Healthgrades created three new employee career path programs with Lessonly at their core. In this session, experience three creative ways to connect Lessonly to your existing programs, and take away inspiring ideas for boosting Lessonly adoption and learner satisfaction on your team.

Zendesk Onboarding with Lessonly
Danica Christiansen & Anna Quant, Go to Market Enablement, Zendesk
In this session, learn firsthand how the Go-to-Market Enablement team at Zendesk has used Lessonly to increase CSAT and streamline their onboarding program.

The Customer-led Curriculum
Nicholas Hill, Assistant Manager of Support, CX, Blue Apron
Too often, training strategies and enablement decisions are informed by opinions only. In this presentation, learn how deep-dives into customer support data drastically improve training curricula and the customer experience.


Leading Change: A Few Truths and Some Lies
Rebecca Ellis, Ph.D., Director, Global Learning, Development & Change, Allegion
Much has been written on how to cope with—and lead—personal and organization change. Even top thought leaders like John Kotter are second-guessing traditional advice on linear change approaches. Today’s world demands agile, fast approaches to change. This interactive discussion will bust the myths of some old truths and help uncover new ones.

Quarterly Themes to Drive Engagement
Justin Moses, Director of Culture & Engagement, Thomas & Company
Strong leaders know the value of using company culture to engage their colleagues and move their companies forward. In this session, learn how to create fun quarterly themes to promote user adoption, lesson creation, lesson completion, and other key company objectives.

The Order of Operations: Staging Your Company for Profitable Growth
Sam Jacobs, Founder, The Revenue Collective
In this session learn and discuss key principles to scaling your company the right way.

Taking Flight with DiSC
RaChelle Streetman, Global Talent Development Manager, Rackspace
Many DiSC training programs focus on teaching the DiSC model but fail to create stronger relationships or drive better results. Taking Flight with DiSC promotes new skill development by linking the DiSC styles to important core skills. Learn to wire DiSC to your existing knowledge and trigger the styles right when you need them.

Accidental Learning
Jeremy Burgess, Instructional Designer, VSP Optics
Alan Burt, VP of Product Management & Technical Education, VSP Optics
Sometimes the best answer is the unexpected, or accidental, one. In this session, discuss a few examples of positive unintended consequences in life and in business, and then learn how to look for such outcomes with your own team.

Building High Performance Teams
Heather Haas, President, ADVISA
Organizational success is largely determined by employees’ ability to work together efficiently to achieve goals. In this session, we’ll discuss the four best practices for high-performing teams.

5 Transformative Tracks. 3 Dynamic Days. 1 Extraordinary Event.

Yellowship is unlike any other conference. If your team is growing quickly, pursuing innovation, or looking to Do Better Work—Yellowship is for you. See the agenda, or register before prices increase on May 31st.

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