November: A Month for New People Management Options, Beta Testing the Future of Lessonly, and Turkey

Happy November, all! If you’re coming here from the product launch email, I apologize in advance for the additional (but sporadic) Thanksgiving puns you’ll endure. Just roll with them. If you found this post on your own, welcome to you, too! There’s a lot to be excited about at Lessonly this month.

So we’re not biting off more than we can chew, we’ve narrowed it down to the three most important things you should know:

💁 Admins and Managers now have more ways to customize roles and permissions

🤝 A quick reminder about the Lessonly + Salesforce integration

💡 Inside access to something brand new we’re trying at Lessonly.

Let’s break it down course-by-course!

💁 New People Management Options

You’ve been able to edit permissions for Managers, Creators, and Custom Roles in your Settings for a while now. But from here on out, you have next-level customizability on a per-user basis. So prior to today’s launch, you’ll remember that in your Settings, you have the ability to give four different kinds of permissions:

  • No people management rights for a user
  • Ability to manage people in groups they manage without editing or creating new users
  • Ability to manage people in groups they manage WITH editing and creating user rights in groups they manage
  • Ability to manage, create, and edit all people and groups

We’ve added a fifth permission to that list—Ability to manage all people and groups WITHOUT the ability to create or edit people and groups. 

To you and me, this will look just like an additional check box to choose from, but it’s a whole lot more than that for people like David from Abrigo.

“I love the People Management Updates that Lessonly has launched. I can now empower our lesson Creators and Managers with the custom permissions they requested. These users can now create, view, and assign training across our company without needing my regular assistance. My administrative controls are still in place, and our employees are getting the training content they need more quickly.” —David from Abrigo

This new people management functionality gives Admins the ability to better delegate and enable other people to have access to what they can see, but without the power to break or change anything. For example, now you could choose if you want Creators or Managers to see all groups and people in the Gradebook, Insights, and lesson overview pages or not. Admins and can already see all of that, but this update essentially will just let Admins provide better clarity and visibility about groups in Lessonly without giving everyone the power to edit and create users.

We anticipate this to significantly improve data visualization for teams that have auditors and analysts who might not be Admins in Lessonly, but still need access to data on Groups and Roles. (Or maybe even Custom Roles? If you’re curious about build-your-own roles with unique permissions, reach out to your Account Manager if you’re a customer, or drop us a message in the chat in the corner to learn more!) 

People management and permissions are complicated, so to break this down piece-by-piece, we have Kim from our Product team to show us how it works:


On to Lessonly + Salesforce! 

🤝 Our Lessonly + Salesforce Integration

This isn’t new this month, but we’re sharing about it again because it’s just that important. If your team uses Salesforce as your CRM, you have access to way better Lessonly reporting and tracking than you thought. You can build custom reports using Lessonly data inside of Salesforce. You can have a Lessonly tab right in Salesforce to make it easier for Learners to find and access the lessons they need. Long story short, the Salesforce integration makes it so you spend less time comparing training results in Lessonly with results in Salesforce because the integration handles that for you. Less busy work, more time doing your actual job. 

To learn more about our Salesforce integration and visualize your training data right alongside your business metrics, shoot your Account Manager a note!

💡 Beta Testing Something New

No pressure, but by reading this, you could be shaping the future of Lessonly. How exciting! The Product team is working on something brand new in our software that’ll help leaders understand and measure their team’s skill development better. And we need your help. We want feedback from the people who will actually use this. We want to know if it’s useful, how it could be more useful, and what’s missing. We want to know it all, so if you’re wanting to be one of our beta testers, join the waitlist here

Until next thyme

That’s it for November, everyone. I hope these new people management permissions (and also the Salesforce integration + the opportunity to beta test a potential future product) help you and your teammates feel even better equipped to do your jobs, grow in your careers, and take ownership of your work.

Cheers to a month of Better Work, thankfulness, and new permissions!


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