The Not So Open Costs of Open Software

In the corporate world, open source software is becoming increasingly positive. Considering the fully functioning free learning management system sounds appealing at first, but there are implications other than cost for an organization to consider.

Active State published an article about the liabilities of using open source software. It was stated that approximately 70 percent of companies do not measure the cost of their open source software usage.

If you’re considering implementing open source software as part of your business and IT strategy, here are some potential issues to make sure you do not overlook:

Not free, just open

Licensing fees sound great, but did you know software doesn’t run itself? You are going to need tech-savvy people to manage the software. For the less tech-savvy people, the learning curve for open source software will be pretty steep. To manage the open source software, you will probably have to hire a new IT team member. Within hours of signing up for open source online training software, we have our first cost.

Lack of support

Open source developers are in no obligation to respond to problems in a timely manner. The open source community might be helpful in responding, but there is no guarantee for tech support. Don’t forget to consider that open source software is constantly updating.

Constant maintenance

It is up to your team to maintain the open source software. If open source code maintenance is not a priority for your IT team, the quality of the software will greatly decrease. Under open source, it is up to your IT team to install updates, monitor security fixes, and implement new components. If you think this is going to be a challenge, you will either have to settle for poor software or consider not using open source.

Open source does have benefits and might be a good fit for you company. We recommend that you do your research and see if closed software would be more beneficial to your company. Consider and measure the real cost open source might take for your company.

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