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New Year, New LMS

New year, new you. Instagram flooded with pictures of the gym selfies, salads, and unidentifiable green liquid that might just be blended Kentucky bluegrass. But what should your company’s new year’s resolution be? Save money? Make more money? Probably both — they kind of go hand in hand. Having an effective learning system intact is a great place to start.

Learning management systems have been around since the ‘90s. Since then, LMSs have gone from clunky to seamless. If you’re forced to create content outside of your LMS and transfer it through SCORM, your LMS is clunky. If you can’t organize, assign, or track your learning and learner’s, your LMS is clunky. A clunky LMS makes learning more of an expense rather than an asset. You lose time, money, and knowledge retention from employees. LMSs are supposed to help businesses grow and thrive, but ones that aren’t up-to-date pale in comparison to ones that keep up with ever-advancing technology.

Enhancing the LMS with automation

Lessonly is a full, learning automation platform. We simplify the creation and logistics of company learning by providing a software platform that makes the process streamlined. From the beginning click of an admin to the final click of a learner, we allow admins to worry less about the system itself and more about the progress and development of their learners. In turn, businesses grow.

In the past year, there have been a lot of changes. Maybe your company has grown, and with that, you’ve changed or added information. Course and lesson updating in Lessonly is as simple as clicking on the content, and changing it. As you update content, it’s saved automatically.

As an administrator, if you need to assign a lesson year after year, you can schedule it annually. Once admins assign a lesson in Lessonly, the learner is sent an initial email, a reminder email the day before a due date, and a final email when the lesson is overdue. Admins receive a daily digest of the learning progress and can easily access the progress of each individual learner on their dashboard.

For even further, in-depth automation, Lessonly has what we call smart groups. We’re still developing smart groups even further, but right now, if you need to send a lesson to everyone, you simply type ‘everyone’ into the assign window and the smart group will appear.

Lastly, companies can use their HR department’s API in partnership with Lessonly’s API to eliminate the chore of adding users to Lessonly. This means that, with a little initial work from your team on the back end, as soon as a new person is given an email at a company, they become a Lessonly learner as well.

Make the switch

Forget the LMS that’s more harmful to progress than helpful. At Lessonly, We’re not only here to help the switch happen, we’re here to help you implement an effective learning management system and stick by your side when questions arise. With every new client, we assign a client experience expert to help with the ongoing use of Lessonly. It’s 2016. If you’re managing your LMS more than you’re managing your organization’s learning, it’s time to flip the switch. Out with the old, in with the new. Interested in Lessonly? We’ve got a tour for you.

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