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This post is from 2014, and Lessonly actually no longer offers Lessonly Courses—but we offer a whole lot more. To read up on our latest product releases and functionality, visit the “Products” tab in the navigation up top, or book 15 minutes with us to chat more.

Many of you have mentioned how much you’d like to be able to put your lessons into courses, both for organizational purposes and to make assigning and tracking a series of lessons easier.

With that knowledge, we are proud to launch Lessonly Courses today. Courses are designed to give you, the trainer, the ability to quickly create, share, and track a group of lessons. Courses will affect all areas of your training program:


Creating courses is a breeze. Simply click the “new course” button, title your course, and begin adding the applicable lessons. When you’re done, click “create course,” and you’ll be all set!
Creating Courses


Now that we’ve created a course, let’s get it assigned. In the past, you had to manually assign each lesson, which was less than ideal. Now, with Courses, you can assign a series of lessons all at once.
Assigning Courses


Once your courses are assigned, you can start tracking your learners’ progress. To do so, just click the “Gradebook” button from the course-overview page, or go straight to the Gradebook and filter for the course you’d like to view.
Track your Courses
And that sums it up. We’re pumped about courses, and we hope you are, too. As always, if you have any feedback for us, let me know. Or, if you’d like to learn more about our training software, just request a demo—we’d be happy to show you.

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