Your New Employees Will Appreciate a New Hire Checklist

Put yourself in the shoes of a new hire. There you are on the day before your first day feeling like a new phase of your life is about to start. With the excitement keeping you awake, you go to your company’s meet the team page and see everyone’s smiling faces. You knock the dust off of your 2010 Excel and make sure you still know how to do a vlookup function, and then you nod off to visions of doughnuts and ice-breakers in the morning.

You pull up to the building on the first day, and park in visitor parking and hope that you don’t get towed before the end of the day.

Even the possibility of having to go to the impound lot doesn’t diminish your excitement. You walk in the front door of the office only to be greeted by well, no one really. As you walk to the receptionist you see a loose-leaf notebook paper and pen sign that says “New hires —–>.”

You follow the sign only to see more new hires waiting in a dull room that looks like they’re in line at the BMV. Once you finish scanning the room to look for a number to take, you sit and wait for some sort of direction.

The only way to redeem it from here is a fireworks-and fog-machine entrance from HR with “Jump” by Van Halen playing in the background. Instead, start your employees out on the right foot when they first walk through the door. Your employees will thank you for using a new hire checklist, here’s why:

Keep the excitement

Instead of losing the excitement right away, have a greeting at the front door. It truly can be anybody. Just pick someone who is there early to greet the new hires and welcome them to the team. They should feel like other people are excited for them to be there. They likely aren’t going to get a lot of work done on the first day anyway, so why not make it fun?

Focus on each other

Your employees are likely going to spend a lot of time collaborating with their new coworkers. So, have some collaborative activities. Whether they are training activities or more team-building activities, your employees should feel comfortable interacting with one another primarily.


All of these things can remain consistent with a new hire checklist. You can have fun and keep the excitement going without hesitation when you use a new hire checklist. Forget about stopping and stammering to figure out the next thing to do. You now have a list of things to do. After their experience, ask for feedback. New employees may have a few ideas from something they did in college or something they did at their old job–it’s okay to “borrow” those ideas, they’ll never know.

Have your employees learn about your company before their first day on their own time so you can focus on the experience more and work through your fun new hire checklist. Cancel the subscription of your old learning management system and try out Lessonly, the opposite of a learning management system here.

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