Lesson.ly’s New Employee Training Plan for the Next President

Lessonly’s New Employee Training Plan for the Next President

In a few short months, we’re going to have a new President residing in the White House. We at Lessonly know that the past couple months have been a little hectic, and that the candidates have all been a little busy. Campaigning, debating, and all that fun stuff can really take it out of a person! We figured that we might be able to help out after such an exhausting democratic process by putting together a New Employee Training Plan for our newest Commander in Chief.

Meet the team

After signing all those new employee forms, swearing in as President and all that, it’s time to meet the team. The White House has multitudes of employees working around the clock to make sure the President’s needs are met. Using Lessonly, we’d suggest having a meet the team lesson that allows users to create a short lesson about themselves. We have one of these that we update whenever a new team member signs on at Lessonly. Since the White House staff is a little bit larger than ours, creating pages for every department of employees could be a great way to put names to faces of the President’s closest workers. It’s a great way to get new employees onboarded and moving in the right direction in their new employee checklist.

Set some goals

Next up is figuring out what our new President’s plans are for the upcoming term. No new hire training plan is worth its salt without sitting down and laying out attainable goals for the first three months, six months, nine months, and annual periods. Both the President and the American people need to know what the goals are, why they are being worked toward, and what’s going to happen to get us there. If we were advising the President on how to build a sample training plan, we’d point in the direction of our earlier new employee training plan template.

Schedule an annual review

And of course, we’d suggest that the President schedule an annual review of these goals. What good is setting goals if they are never followed up on with anyone? Scheduling reviews is key to keeping new employee growth continued throughout the first year at a new company. Lessonly’s new employee training checklist calls for multiple reviews for new hires within the first year. These meetings don’t have to be super formal, but should serve as check-ins to keep everyone apprised of how the work is going toward certain goals. If the President is receptive to suggestions, we think the annual review should be called “The State of the Union.” Just a thought.

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