More Than Employee Onboarding Software: 3 Ways Lessonly Extends the Learner Experience

If you’re anything like me, one of the first things that comes to mind when you hear the word “training” is onboarding. 

And the phrase “improving training” immediately sparks ideas like revamping your onboarding process, finding new and fun free onboarding tools, leveraging onboarding best practices, or coming up with a new onboarding model altogether. It’s easy to get caught up in a never ending cycle of onboarding enhancements, but training isn’t only about an employee onboarding checklist or onboarding process steps; it goes beyond that, which is why an employee onboarding software that’s truly more than an onboarding software can change the learner experience and change the face of training at your organization.

The Norm

Let’s say that I’m in sales at a technology company. I go through thirty days of onboarding and then I’m done. No continued training, no upskilling, nothing. I receive the occasional email about a new product feature, and I’m supposed to know how to incorporate that in my demos. Do you think I’m going to be a very successful saleswoman? Absolutely not! Sustainable enablement needs to look like more than the occasional update or ad hoc training session. To improve an employee’s skill set, training, retraining, communicating, and practicing should all happen regularly. 

The Next Level

Enter Lessonly—a “more than employee onboarding” software that enhances the learner experience by redefining team communication, housing necessary resources, and empowering self-led career pathing and upskilling. It extends the employee’s training journey and has the power to impact all areas of business. 

Training and continued learning begins with communication—communicating product features, communicating new processes, communicating team updates, and so on. Why not keep all training communication in the same place by using the same software used for onboarding? Because the more locations there are for knowledge, the harder it becomes as a learner and employee to know where to go for information. Lessonly’s simple tool allows for quick and easy communication right in the platform, and it stores the information for easy reference for anytime learners need it.

Questions Answered

Speaking of referencing information, Lessonly also serves as a knowledge base. Learners are going to need refreshers and answers well beyond their 30-60 days of onboarding. Rather than asking one-off questions, why not build out a learning library of content so they can reference it as needed? Imagine a knowledge base full of lessons built by high-performing employees. Or process maps and expertise from subject matter experts pre-built and accessible to all. Or even lessons with policies and procedures that are hard to remember. A learning library in Lessonly so quickly helps teams simplify and organize all of the information both new and old employees might need. Not to mention that Lessonly’s search functionality is incredible. If the content is in there, a learner can find it. 

Own Your Career Path

Finally, let’s not forget about career pathing and upskilling. Employees are often hungry for what’s next, or at least a clear picture of what could come next. Lessonly can help achieve that clarity. Similar to the knowledge base capabilities mentioned above, Lessonly can house optional, self-led content that learners must complete to move up to the next position or receive a promotion. It cuts out the confusion and hand-holding by allowing employees to take initiative, learn, upskill, and be ready for that next step. 

Lessonly is no free onboarding app, and it’s not really an onboarding training software either. Does it impact employee onboarding? Absolutely! But at its core, it’s more than that. It’s a powerfully simple learning management software that has the potential to impact an employee’s learning journey from start to finish. “Training” doesn’t only have to mean onboarding and in fact, I don’t think it should. 

Build a team of lifelong learners with Lessonly

Extend a learner’s training experience past the initial 30-60 days and watch your organization change for the better. Teams across the world use Lessonly to build and deploy ongoing training to win more and Do Better Work. And we’d love for one of those teams to be yours. Learn more by taking a tour or demo of Lessonly today.

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