Mobile Matriculation: 4 Reasons to Train Your Employees On-The-Go

Looking to keep your employees up to speed on how to do their jobs? Training should never be a burden for you or your employees, and with mobile access, it won’t be.

Take a look at the following tips if you still haven’t decided to take your training mobile:

1. Small Investments, Big Returns

Some training systems are very expensive and aren’t even mobile accessible. With mobile access, your employees can learn when they want, on or off the clock, bringing greater returns to the human capital that is your new hires. Your employees likely already have their own smartphones or tablets and can start learning as soon as they are introduced to the platform.  With mobile accessibility, you might not get the amount of thank you’s you expect, but you won’t get as many groans.

2. Easy Education

Rather than requiring your employees to waste their time in training lectures, mobile courses allow them to study whenever is convenient for them. They can train during lunch breaks, at home, or while commuting to work. You could even say they will train on the train (nudge, nudge). This not only makes their lives easier, but also allows them to study in whatever way they find most effective, making it more likely that they’ll remember their lessons.

3. On-the-Job Accessibility

Traditional training programs are limited by employees’ memories. If your workers forget their new skills on the job, they’ll either have to contact their instructors, which wastes valuable time, or improvise and thus risk doing their jobs indirectly. Mobile access, however, allows easy access in most workplaces. If an employee forgets something, she can simply take out her smartphone or tablet, find the answer, and get back to work.

4. Adapting to Change

Today’s economy is marked by rapid change. In a few month’s time, state-of-the-art technology becomes obsolete, meaning you must rapidly retrain your employees before they can continue doing their jobs. In this fast-paced climate, you can’t afford to take the time to hire instructors and set up training courses every time the economy changes. With mobile accessibility, however, you can respond to changes as soon as they happen, quickly sending your employees the information they need to keep working.

Get ready to take your team’s learning experience to the next level. Give your employees the freedom to learn whenever and wherever they want.

Start building your mobile lessons here.

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