Millennials Are a BDR Manager’s Best Friend

The great folks over at OpenView Venture Partners recently wrote a great post about how Millennials are changing the way we should look at training outbound sales reps. Keep reading here to see the highlights and our confirmations of the post, or read the original article here.

Basically, Millennials are coming into the business world by storm and have radically different expectations for training.

From the article:

When Josiane Feigon used to design sales training sessions for her clients, the co-founder and President of TeleSmart Communications typically focused on creating highly-structured, two-day events that fully immersed new inside sales reps in everything they needed to know to be successful.

Today, however, Feigon’s approach is much different. Instead of two-day training sessions, she now builds programs around one or four hour training sprints. And instead of relying on the once-effective “talking head” training approach, Feigon’s program now favors a shorter, more collaborative peer-led curriculum.

One of the reasons for the change is the new generations’ need for instant gratification. Josiane Feigon has a fantastic outlook on this feeling that is typically viewed only in a negative light:

“The need for instant gratification often gets mistaken or misconstrued as Millennials being needy, lazy, or impatient, but their ambitious nature is all about them getting something NOW,” Feigon says. “If you structure a training program and include delivery methods that speak to that need, you will get their full attention. But if you structure long training session and force them to spend hours or days analyzing or pontificating on something they think they could find the answer to in 30 seconds, you will not get good results.”

Here are the four keys to training Millennials the right way according to OpenView:

  • Build sales training programs around shorter, more collaborative sessions
  • Appeal to Millennials’ ambition and fearlessness
  • Stop thinking Millennials are motivated by the same things as Gen X or Y reps
  • Bring the FUN factor when advertising your company

We see this Millennial trend as a huge issue that many companies are not yet prepared to handle in the best way possible and we’re glad OpenView has shared this knowledge.

See how other companies train their sales teams with Lessonly here.

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