Meet Yesware – an email productivity tool

Our clients find Lessonly useful for a lot of reasons – one of those is simply to make training more productive.

Yesware, a tool we use at Lessonly, has done the same thing for email productivity…specifically in the sales and customer success arena. We wanted to interrupt this regularly scheduled programing to give a shoutout to a tool we’ve found useful and offer our clients and readers a chance to try it out. You’ll get a 3 month free trial, courtesy of Lessonly + Yesware.

Before you do – here’s how we find it valuable:

Our sales team and customer success teams can more efficiently follow up with prospects thanks to Yesware’s templates. Tracking of templates allows them to see the average reply rate – hence honing in on their messages that resonate.

Click tracking and open notifications are a nice to have and as the changing inbox continues to plague email marketers, we haven’t yet realized how knowing every click and open makes us better at our jobs.

Yesware sits atop your chrome browser and lives right in your email inbox – which we love. It’s simple and speedy, which is crucial for our sales development reps. As Yesware continues to evolve, there are a few things we’d like to see here at Lessonly:
1. Automated Drip Campaigns to individual folks.
2. More accurate and real-time template tracking.
3. Streamlined ways to organize templates (slightly clunky at the moment)

All of that said, it’s a tool that makes our team more productive and it comes in at a lower cost than some of its competitors, while still offering a feature set that gets you there.

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