Manage People and Learning with Namely + Lessonly

Today, we’re excited to introduce our newest partner. Namely’s leading human resources information system (HRIS) provides an all-in-one software solution for HR, payroll, and benefits. More than 500 companies trust Namely to manage their most important asset: their people.
We love Namely for many reasons: They create software employees love to use, they empower leadership to motivate and develop their people, and they put their customers first. To put it plainly, we like what they’re about because that’s what we’re about, too.

One of our core beliefs at Namely is that humanizing the software experience helps everyone do better work. When you find a partner like Lessonly that shares that same belief, it’s an easy decision to team up and spread the message. We’re excited to bring the power of Namely and Lessonly together to make the intersection of the HR, onboarding, and ongoing learning process even easier for our clients.
—Michael Manne, VP of Sales at Namely

You can now harness the power of your HR information in Namely to drive your learning and training strategy with Lessonly. Unifying these two gives you peace of mind to know all employees are up to date and receiving the proper training at the right time.
Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our integration:

User Syncing

Creating an employee in Namely automatically creates a user in Lessonly and assigns that person to the appropriate group based on his or her department. As part of the integration, you’ll also be able to sync fields like job title, giving you the flexibility to create additional Lessonly groups based on more specific criteria.

User syncing happens automatically every night, but you can also go into the Integrations Settings page in Lessonly and manually sync if needed. This page will show you the date and time of your last sync for reference.

Deactivating former employees in Namely will archive them in Lessonly, preventing headaches caused by the need to remove access across multiple systems. Lessonly user history and necessary historical data will still be retained for your records.

Using Namely as the system of record will make it easier to manage users in one place. No more updating information in two systems means no more time wasted on redundant tasks. Win!

Automated Workflow Triggers

Clients using the Namely integration can take advantage of our feature that allows you to automatically assign all new users to a Lesson. When you create a user in Namely, they’re automatically assigned the Lesson. Completing that Lesson instantly triggers a pathway that funnels them to the more advanced courses you’ve set up for their positions and departments. This automation ensures that your teams are learning along the path best suited for them.

The Future of Namely + Lessonly

Our mutual goal is to see employees engaged, jobs done well, and work simplified. With this integration, our software works together to accomplish this. Using your HR information to drive automation and insights into your learning and training strategy will only get easier and more powerful as our integration grows.

You can find updated information on these capabilities on our Namely Integration page. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about our work with Namely, reach out to us at

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