What Makes Funny Customer Service Quotes Actually Useful

What Makes Funny Customer Service Quotes Actually Useful

There’s something about a well-used quote that seems to get the human psyche going. The fact that someone other than yourself so precisely summed up your situations, your feelings, and your motivation has resonated with people for almost as long as language has been around. Just look at how many sites there are dedicated to inspirational quotes (there’s a lot of them). Using funny customer service quotes in a retail or call center environment can have positive effects, but they need to be used in the right context.

Make the Quotes Relevant

The first rule of using quotes within a business setting is to make them at least somewhat relevant to the work that is being done. Employees at a utility call center or attendants working a retail cash register might not be able to complete the connection between their job and a quote from Nikola Tesla on thinking for the future. Sure you might be able to explain it eventually, but by then the point is often lost and any productivity that might have been gained is long gone.

Make them Funny

Except for a few outlier work environments, a little humor can go a long way in making the workplace a little bit easier to handle on tough days. Utilize funny quotes in your everyday activities as well as your employee training. Customer service quotes are often almost their own language, spoken between people in the industry about problems that they run into on a daily basis. Building these along with other motivational quotes into training and policies lets your employees know that people have been there before and that they can do it too.

Don’t Over-Use

We’ve seen it countless times: quick success with spouting off leadership quotes and teamwork quotes leads to people becoming humanoid quotebots that speak only in words of wisdom. Unfortunately, Lessonly’s totally unscientific research shows that the use of funny work quotes is a diminishing return; the more you use them, the less impactful they become. Notable quotes can be helpful to motivate and educate employees on company practices, but they lose their poignancy once you start hearing five of them every day.

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