Look for Potential in Employee Development

Finding an employee to promote is a challenging task.  There are many different factors that need to be considered.  Here are questions you can ask yourself to help you determine which candidate is suitable for extensive employee development.

How Does the Individual Handle Obstacles within the Workplace?

Obstacles within the workplace are sure to occur and employees who can handle them without interruption are good subjects for candidacy to advance within the company.  Consider how the individual handles threats and how they represent themselves during a rough spell.

How Well Does the Individual Multitask?

An employee who can multitask is an asset to the company.  It takes a lot to smoothly operate a business and an employee who can multitask can help complete tasks quicker and help the business excel.  Multitasking is a skill some people do not possess which makes this skill valuable to the workplace.

How do Unexpected Changes Affect the Individual?

You can expect unexpected changes to occur within the workplace.  Some unexpected changes are good and some are bad.  Regardless of the circumstances, an individual who can handle these changes from both aspects is a great individual to have on the team.  Employees who can handle the curve balls life throws on a daily basis does not fold easily under pressure, and this is something your company can benefit from.

How Well Does the Individual Work with Others?

The candidate you choose should be a well-rounded team player.  The individual needs to be able to be a team leader and a team mate when the time is right.  Transitioning from leader to team mate is difficult but a person who is well-rounded is up for the challenge.

Is the Individual Too Relaxed or on Top of Things?

An employee who can find the balance within the silver lining of the work place is a gold mine.  An employee who is on top of their game but still relaxed and not a pushover is the example employee.  When an employee is on top of things, handles business and completes tasks in a timely manner.  They are not too relaxed, but they know how to take a break without completely slacking on the job.

How Does Their Track Record Look?

The employees track record is another thing that should be considered when you are looking for someone to promote.  Take a look at how well they have done from the time they were hired to the current date. Look at the number of days the employee has missed and how long they have been with the company.  You should consider complaints and other factors, such as personality and character. An employee development plan is an organized way to keep track of all of this information.

A promotion is not handed to anyone, but it can be earned.  You may be surprised at how many of your employees are eligible for a promotion.

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