How an LMS Vendor Transforms Company Culture

We take a different approach to our learning management system at Lessonly. Our learning software is focused on combining talent and knowledge-based management learning system to focus on the learner experience.

Talent management software allows for coordinated processes that streamline this entire process. Knowledge management ensures an efficient distribution of materials through all levels of a business or organization often for innovative purposes.

By focusing on talent and knowledge management systems, using Lessonly is not just a learning management system vendor, but has the ability to transform company culture. For examples, here are three ways our talent and knowledge-based LMS helps you to develop the company culture you’re looking for:

Creates Unity

Lessonly creates a bridge between management and learners by properly communicating with employees the knowledge they need. We help learners get on the same page as supervisors concerning organizational matters and training. Gradebook allows supervisors to view all learning data in one comprehensive place to see how learners are retaining information. Progress reports create an individualized analysis for how the learner is progressing and completing lessons. Getting everyone in the company on the same page creates a universal mission and purpose for the company.

Empowers Employees

Employees who feel well trained and have built a strong skill set from training will be more confident in the workplace. Many employees simply lack the knowledge which reduces their confidence in the workplace. Lack of confidence can lead to a lack of engagement and a slew of other communication fractures. Approximately 71 percent of all employees are not fully engaged. The best way to engage employees in the workplace is to build their confidence by giving them the knowledge and talent resources they need.

Motivates Employees

Lessonly helps motivate employees by keeping them engaged. Our software keeps employees engaged and driven in multiple ways. First, the software is easy and enjoyable to use compared to other learning management systems. Make the learning fun by combining text, images, GIFs, questions, documents, audio, and video to build rich, engaging lessons. Employees enjoy using lessons because they do not get discouraged or bored throughout the learning process. Second, quizzes help employees to see how they are retaining information and motivate them to want to improve. Employees receive immediate feedback on how they are doing. They will be driven to want to do well on the lessons.

Keep your culture positive, take a tour of Lessonly here.

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