It’s the Little Things: Bigger, Better Type

Last week, we went back to the drawing board regarding lesson typefaces, sizes, and leading (i.e., the margin between two lines of text). The results, we hope, will speak for themselves: eye strain has plummeted, and readability has improved dramatically.

The best part: your existing lessons have all been upgraded with the makeover. To see the new layout in action right now, click here.

Thanks to Mitja Miklavčič for designing Tisa, Lessonly’s typeface of choice.

For all you type geeks, here’s some more info on Tisa from Typekit:

Mitja Miklavčič drew FF Tisa to meet the technological and aesthetic requirements of modern magazine use. His goal was to develop a softer, more dynamic version of a nineteenth-century slab serif wood type. A large x-height and pronounced serifs make FF Tisa extremely legible in text sizes and its unique design details and a fairly upright italic become evident in display applications. The typeface was selected by the TDC judges for a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design in 2007.

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