Life without an LMS Platform

Take a journey with me. To a world without learning management systems. The words “learning management system” may initially come across as replaceable, irrelevant, or unnecessary. But you will see along the way how necessary a learning management system truly is to the success of a business.


Whether communicating, updating, or training through regular meetings, emails, email attachments, live lectures, or carrier pigeons, there isn’t a great way to follow up without an LMS. Asking participants if they understood everything the speaker was saying can end in all of the individuals finally tuning back in only to reciprocate your question with a harmonious “Mmmhmm.”

That doesn’t sound too reassuring. When you reflect on the presentation, you realize you forgot a crucial step in the process. So, you send an email out with the missing piece of the puzzle and put a nice, helpful, benevolent note at the bottom saying, “Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.” Yay, you. Unfortunately, of the people who opened that email, fewer were in a position to take a note about what you said or fully understand the note without going through the process.

Weeks pass and you notice your data integrity is starting to slip. A few people missed the email and didn’t take great notes in the meeting. It’s only a few, this time, must have been your lucky day. Without an easily-accessible repository resource to walk them through the process the first couple of times until it becomes second-nature, forgetfulness plagues your office.


So, next step is you reach out to those people and help them out. After walking over to their desk and walking them through the process, they finally feel comfortable. It’s another week until they actually have to do it themselves and they look around to see if someone else is doing it. “John, do you remember what the new Salesforce process is?” “Brad, have you done this in the past couple of days?”

Coworkers are willing to help, but you don’t have a dedicated assistant to help people remember. So, every time someone has to pull another person aside to help them do their job, your company loses efficiency. Instead, when you have a dedicated LMS platform, your employees can refer back to different tasks at a different time and your business can continue to speed through their day the right way.

Sorry to paint such a pessimistic picture of your office. But, without a way to follow-up, ensure people are getting the information they need, and easily update learning content so it is always correct, you lose opportunities. Want to steer clear of this disaster? Take a tour of Lessonly here.

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