Lessons in Better Work: What You’ll Learn from our Yellowship Keynote Speakers

We’re exactly three months away from liftoff for Lessonly’s Better Work Conference, Yellowship. The three-day conference, which includes breakout sessions led by more than 30 industry influencers and business leaders, also features groundbreaking speakers on the keynote stage. 

From building trust through empathy to challenging our mindset, here are just a few of the lessons this year’s keynote speakers will bring to inspire you to Do Better Work. 

Lead with vulnerability 

For some people, vulnerability is generally seen as a weakness. Radio and podcast personality, Guy Raz, will explain why the popular notion of vulnerability is really just a myth that prevents teams from success. After years of talking to business leaders on his shows “TED Radio Hour” and “How I Build This,” he’s seen how the best leaders and thinkers build powerful movements by being transparent, open, and kind. He’ll also draw on those stories to highlight the connection between empathy, vulnerability, and trust. Guy is sure to entertain, engage, and inspire leaders to embrace better relationships for better work. See why we can’t wait to learn from him at Yellowship:


Choose your attitude 

Research shows the success of top performers can be attributed to 85% attitude traits and only 15% skillset, yet very few people take the time to develop their attitude. Debra Searle’s keynote will teach us how we can leverage our mindset to transform our work and personal lives. As a professional adventurer, Debra knows all about choosing the right mindset. In 2001, Debra set out to row the Atlantic with her then husband. After some unforeseen circumstances, Debra was left to finish the journey by herself and spent 111 days at sea. More than just an inspiring storyteller, Debra’s keynote will challenge our perceptions about skillset versus mindset and the impact this has on teamwork. Here’s a glimpse into Debra’s energetic session: 


Learn—and win—like never before

Whether managing a large organization or building a start-up, we’re convinced that three days at Yellowship will radically propel your team onwards and upwards. Find out more about our keynote speakers and register today to learn from the best and brightest!

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