Lessonly Will Pump, ? YOU UP ?

Lessonly Will Pump, ? YOU UP ?

The clock strikes 10:30AM and the first salespeople on the ground are exhausted. The people that join them a few moments later are just plain annoyed.

It’s push-up time.

Welcome to Lessonly’s push-up challenge, an idea dreamed up and executed by our very own Evan Wible. “Actually, I heard about it in college, but the origins of the plan itself are a little murky,” Evan recalls. He remembers recruiting the members of his dorm to join with him in this physical challenge years ago.

Participation is optional, thankfully, but those who do choose to push themselves start by doing the maximum amount of push-ups they can physically do. The plan accommodates everyone from those who can only do two, to those that didn’t understand the rules and try to do as many as possible. After that, the plan prescribes a percentage of your maximum at certain intervals throughout each day.

Every day.

For three weeks.

“I figured, we spend most of our day sitting in chairs, looking at computer screens,” Evan says. “Something like this is a good way to break up the monotony with a little bit of activity. And it’s an opportunity to sweat through something together.”

If you’ve never seen an entire room of salespeople get out of their chair grumbling, drop to the floor, and start doing push-ups for the next 1 to 5 minutes, it’s a sight to behold. But, the team likes to bond through their misery. Even if they’re complaining and aching throughout the entire experience, doing it with some of their coworkers makes it a little easier.

The last time around, a daily lunge challenge was added for team members who were too weak to do any push-ups who were looking to work on their legs instead of arms. That challenge asked participants to start with 20 lunges on each leg, and increase one lunge every day, for an entire month.

“No one really asked for the lunge challenge,” Evan notes. It was more of a thought on how to get more people in the office involved considering last year’s lineup featured only four males doing the push-ups.

Sore arms and legs aside, the team really hates loves doing these types of challenges. Read some of their testimony for yourself:

  • “The person that goes second always does more push-ups when maxing out.” — Leslie, Sales Development Rep
  • “Always weird getting sweaty at work.” — Scott, Account Executive
  • “It was hard and I did not like it. But now my arm actually moves when I flex so it feels like a victory for me.” — Mikyla, Sales Development Rep
  • “Was pretty much Evan’s bad idea that only got worse when set in motion. Still sore.” — Tony, Account Executive
  • “I really enjoyed the few minutes each hour where I could step away and refocus. Fitness is a huge part of my life outside of work, so I loved the chance to marry the two!” — Jenny, Design Lead
  • “LUNGES ARE HARD.” — Karlie, Client Experience Manager
  • “I enjoyed getting to know Alex [Eaton] while doing an absurd number of push-ups. Misery really brings out the best in people.” — Kyle, Inbound Sales Rep
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