Leave a Lasting Impression with Onboarding

Onboarding new employees is one of the most impactful times in their new position. It can also be their most impressionable experience at a new company. New employees are excited, at least they should be excited to start. Everyone at the company should be excited for them to start.

Harness the Excitement

Take advantage of the excitement of both parties and reach out again before the start date. See if your new employees want to go to a team outing before their official start date. A meet and greet of the team can facilitate the transition and rid the first-day jitters of any employee. Onboarding before the official start date also ensures that your new employees get up to speed faster and can make a great impact quickly. Offer to provide them with a few lessons to prepare them for their individual role. Reviewing processes upon arrival rather than introducing them can speed up onboarding as well. You’ll get the hang of best timing with a new hire – just be sure to use an onboarding process flow chart to keep it consistent when you have it down pat

Provide Repository Resource

Of course, your onboarding should present new knowledge in such a way that your employees will never forget, like riding a skateboard. As much as you love your new employees, we’re not elephants; we forget. If your employees forget how to document important tasks, create a lesson they can refer back to in times of need. Initially, your employees might be too nervous to ask simple questions a couple of times and it also takes up your time answering. A repository resource saves time for both parties.

Onboarding Immersion

Since the training period is the most impressionable time of your new employees, make sure they can immerse themselves in the culture of your company through your training program. You could even have a lesson on culture! By throwing in a couple inside jokes that aren’t “you had to be there” moments, your new employees won’t miss out on the fun around the office in their first months. Immersing the newbies in your company culture through lessons as well as interaction is a great way to subconsciously grasp and make the initiation process even easier.

By offering an easy onboarding process, your employees won’t dread coming to work but will instead open the door every morning with positive vibes. Providing a positive onboarding experience will linger more than they might realize until they look at the next round of new hires and nostalgically reflect on their positive experience. Make sure to present your company in the best light to your impressionable new hires and make their onboarding experience one to remember. Start building a memorable onboarding experience here.

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