Learning at the Speed of Business

Learning at the Speed of Business

In productivity learning—and in modern business—speed is key. Competitive teams need to trust that the information they have is up-to-date and accurate. So the longer it takes to deliver a piece of knowledge, the less valuable that piece of knowledge becomes.

The good news is, we’ve built speed-related best practices right into Lessonly. Our Lesson Builder is designed for easy lesson creation and effortless updating. We like to say that “if you can write an email, you can create a Lesson or Course.” Gone are the days when changes—large or small—required multiple edits and weeks of turnaround time:

In a Chapman Alliance survey, nearly 250 learning creators reported that they took almost 45 hours to create an elearning Lesson before the authoring and programming stage. That’s nearly $5,800 spent before even building out the Lesson’s content.

But with Lessonly, your learning content is easy to build—and maintain. Intuitive assignment workflows get important knowledge to your team quickly, ensuring every teammate is working and winning together.

Finally, speed in getting feedback is often just as important as speed in content creation. And built-in response features like Quiz Questions and Ask the Expert encourage your Learners to give feedback and ask for help or clarification. The net benefit is a shorter cycle from ideation to creation, feedback, and iteration, which helps your team—and company—continuously improve and keep pace with change.

Speed is just one of the many things that makes Lessonly great. To read more reasons why Lessonly is built for modern team learning, download our Ebook, 5 Things You Need to Know About Lessonly.

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