Learning ROI? It's Real.

Learning ROI? It’s Real.

Modern businesses agree on the importance of data, yet many have been slow to apply meaningful measurement to learning and training. That’s why Lessonly is built to measure the business impact of learning, so companies can continuously improve their training, teams, and business outcomes.

Lessonly measurement tools quantify your team’s knowledge by identifying gaps in both learning content and employee knowledge, and working to fill those gaps over time. For example, scored quiz questions can help reveal which of your employees need help and validate what content is resonating with the team.

Reporting around course completions and learning searches can show what content your team truly views as important. And with Lessonly for Salesforce, learning reports go even further, comparing your sales and support rep performance, team objectives and business outcomes to learning data.

Lessonly provides multiple ways to measure learning engagement and retention, so your program can benefit from continuous improvement that’s rooted in more than intuition and tradition.

Learning measurement is just one of the many things that makes Lessonly great. To read more reasons why Lessonly is built for modern team learning, download our Ebook, 5 Things You Need to Know About Lessonly.

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