Learning Management System Features You Can’t Live Without

It’s 2015 and frankly, I’m getting a little impatient with the development of technology. I hope my grandchildren will get to accomplish my dream of teleportation at least. Although scientists haven’t figured out a way to transport me to the top of Everest so I could get a killer Instagram to rack up over 100 likes, we have developed a much better LMS than what our parents had to endure when training for their careers. Some LMSs are still trapped in the ‘90s, but fortunately for us, there are plenty of learning management system features we don’t have to live without anymore.

Built-in Authoring

In the olden days, you had to build a module in one application and share it in another. What? Why? The idea of that doesn’t even make sense in my mind. Building and sharing should be in the same application and fortunately, “authoring” as they call it is now integrated in your learning management system.


Unfortunately for me, I had to experience a classic LMS module the other day while looking up how to do something on one of our marketing apps. I was always curious about how poorly modules work on mobile, so I tried it out. I could not read it. At all. Over half of all internet access now is occurring on a mobile device. Modules cannot keep up with that.

You also shouldn’t have to download an app just to access your learning. So many apps. “Sorry, Grandma, I had to delete the picture of us so I could take a module on my phone.” That’s not the world you want to live in, and you don’t have to.


Throw out the tracking server. What does that even mean? You shouldn’t have to have a computer science degree to track how your employees are doing with their weekly update lesson. You should be able to view scores and completion data on your laptop, phone, desktop with your login information without being hard-wired into the network.


When your employees walk through the door on their first day, you may have a few papers they need to fill out to meet HR requirements. They shouldn’t have to endure 50 assignments from your clunky LMS when they first open their inbox.

Instead, you can greet them with a single “Welcome to the Team” assignment, then when they finish your friendly welcome, they can work their way through Sales 101 at their own pace. You can even assign a lesson every three months or every year for compliance training.

Follow us out of the 20th century and enjoy the new world of learning management systems. Take a tour of Lessonly today here and experience a new learning management system.

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