redefining learning management systems

What is the Learning Management System Definition?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a system comprised of a holistic software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational materials.

LMSs help get teams up to speed by combining technology and learning in one software package where employees thrive and learn. These programs help the delivery and tracking of instructional technology-based training.

When working with learning software, it is important to make sure that your company is using a modern LMS rather than an outdated traditional LMS.

Ultimately, LMSs should be about the learners. By implementing an LMS or learning software, you are directly investing into your employees.

Here is why an LMS is a direct investment into benefiting your employees’ lives:

Training Employees

Training an employee is vital to the success and progression of your employee and business. Employees who feel that the company is investing into their growth are more engaged at work. Giving your employees a learning system will help them increase their skillset and put their knowledge to use more quickly.

Save Time, but Still Work at Your Own Pace

Lessonly’s LMS allows learners to work at their own pace. Everyone has different learning curves. A great LMS lets learners learn the best way they can. Lessonly is the epitome of that. Users can use the Lessonly app on multiple devices. This way, employees can work from their phone or tablet as well as a computer at their own convenience.

Simplified Learning Process

Your LMS should be simple and easy to use. Features should be integrated to enrich the learning experience not cause your employees to reject it. Your employees should not have to go through in-depth training of an LMS to learn about their training on the LMS. A modern LMS cuts down information into proper bite-sized amounts to help employees retain more information.

Develop and Grow the Employee

An LMS enhances performance through tracking and reporting tools. Learners can evaluate how they did on the course. They see what areas they do well in and where they need to improve. Employees will learn faster through these tools and thus have more confidence. Your employees will not be lost, but have courses leading them to through further development.

Learning management systems are about building, developing, and empowering your employees to build stronger and more efficient teams. Lessonly is passionate about helping you invest knowledge into your employees.

Unfortunately, the largely accepted learning management system definition does not require LMSs to be intuitive or beneficial to the learner. Our definition is different from the industry of the past. See what we mean, start building your training content today in your new learning management system here.

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