Learning Management System Comparison

Learning Management System Comparison: What You Need to Know

With any product or service that you purchase these days, there are plenty of different options to choose from when it comes to a learning management system (LMS). And as a discerning consumer in a populated market, it would be a disservice not to do a bit of research into what your best fit is. When conducting your learning management system comparison to see which is the right one for you, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Does this LMS Lock Down Content?

One of the most important features to check when searching for learning management systems is the freedom of content. Many older, now-outdated, LMSs relied on the Sharable Content Reference Model to be compatible with how learning management systems used to be designed. The SCORM standard existed so that LMSs could communicate back and forth with each other. Since that has changed, SCORM is now just an annoying middle man between content creation and the actual LMS.

An easy way to spot content created for an older LMS is by keeping users on a certain part of the lesson for a certain amount of time. What does that say your employee? “We don’t trust you to read this slide, so you can’t click next for two minutes.” This type of mindset immediately puts the learner in the wrong frame of mind to retain any knowledge, and is something we strive not to do here at Lessonly. We worked to build a more modern learning management system where content is engaging, interactive, and automated with the person actually learning.

Is this LMS Made for the Learner?

One of our founding tenants here at Lessonly is that we design software around the learner. The history of the LMS is centered around the administrator, giving them as much power as they wanted to assign training and check off compliance boxes. As more time and development was put into giving the administrator more power, the learners were suffering. When comparing learning management systems, choosing between an older LMS based around the administrator or one made for the learner can change the user experience drastically.

When creating Lessonly, we wanted to allow learners to be able to refer back to their lessons and training whenever they needed. Not everyone learns in the same manner and our product supports that notion. With Lessonly, learners can take a few minutes, go back to previous slides, see earlier answers, and get feedback at the end of each lesson. This is all while giving administrators the ability to track and assign lessons like they always have. Each side gets what they need!

Is Any of This Automated?

The ability to create and use lessons is only half the battle. I hate to break it to you, but if you assign something to members of your team, they most likely aren’t going to finish it the second it gets into their inbox. If they let it get passed the end of the day, there’s a fairly high chance they are going to forget. Reminder emails are helpful, but checking in every step of the way can get tedious and time consuming for the administrators and the learners. When you’re viewing a learning management system comparison, make sure this feature isn’t one you gloss over.

We actually call Lessonly a “learning automation system” for the wealth of automatic features we already have — with even more to come. When users are assigned a lesson, they receive cadence of emails starting with an initial email, another one a week before the lesson is due, and then a polite reminder after they’ve missed the deadline. This is done without your upkeep as an administrator and helps to keep knowledge retention high. We even send daily digests straight to your inbox so you can keep track of how your employee’s learning is going as it’s happening.

Choosing the right learning management system can end up saving your company time and effort far beyond the initial setup stage. When you pick the right learning solution, your employees learn more, work harder (and smarter), and your entire company profits in the long run.

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