Conducting a Learning Management System Comparison for Your Separate Factory Sites

In running a host of separate factory sites, consistency across all locations has to be one of the top priorities. However, this doesn’t just mean the product. Ideally, employees, management, working conditions, and many other factors are consistent no matter which door you are stepping into. As a first measure that can have surprising amounts of success, we suggest a learning management system comparison to find the right online training software that will help keep your operations smoothly.

Locally Hosted vs Cloud LMS (Learning Management System)

The first thing to look for when comparing learning management system software is hosting. The most versatile LMS platforms are hosted in the cloud, allowing you to quickly create lessons and training materials that can be emailed to your employees even if they’re down the road or across the globe. Lessonly is one of these vendors, known as a software as a service (SaaS) company. This level of flexibility allows for standardization of training and testing across your factory sites. If your warehouse network is fairly small, you might want to look more toward a locally-hosted LMS. The downside to these is often customers are responsible for their own server maintenance and IT troubleshooting if anything goes wrong.

Content Creation and Updating

Another major pain point in your learning management system comparison should be the ease of updating content. With Lessonly, content can be made by almost anyone, and updated quickly to reflect correct information. If you can write an email, you can create a lesson in Lessonly. This simplicity in creation comes in handy when dealing with multiple sites of workers in separate cities, states, or countries. Other learning management system vendors are attached to SCORM, the old standard for learning modules, but these lessons are difficult to change and hard to update without in-depth knowledge of the system. Lessonly has authoring tools built into the same system that distributes and tracks your training lessons to your learners.

Tracking and Automation

Looking at the top LMS systems of 2015 and reading through learning management system reviews, the ability to track the progress of lessons and learning after they are sent out is hugely important. These online learning systems allow for just that. As learners take and complete lessons, the team leaders will be notified before they move onto the next one. This gives admins the ability to see how learners are doing on their safety training or product knowledge from a remote location, while still controlling the consistency of the education. Lessonly goes a step further and automates some of the process. If a learner finishes their “First Day” lesson, they can be assigned the follow up lesson to be emailed to them shortly after. Triggers for assigned actions like this are built into the Lessonly framework to ensure that the learner experience is as engaging and useful as they need it to be.

Interested in trying out a learning management system for your factory network? Take a tour of Lessonly—sign up today.

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