Lean On Your Top Performers for Sales Enablement Content

Lean On Your Top Performers for Sales Enablement Content

For companies looking to onboard new sales team members faster or increase the capabilities of existing reps, sales enablement proves invaluable. To find the best sharable and digestible enablement content companies should tap their most seasoned sales reps. TOPO, a sales analytics platform, suggests in their blog a few areas and formats to focus on when building sales enablement content with input from your top performers.

Creating purposeful sales enablement

Inexperienced voices giving vague tips won’t accomplish the great sales enablement you need. As TOPO writes, “Specific examples help turn abstract concepts into tangible actions, which organizations can coach, reinforce, and perfect.” The keyword in that quote is specific. Telling a sales rep that “using the theory of social proof works well when talking to clients in the automotive industry” is making a few assumptions. Showing them how to do it is another thing entirely.

As an example of great sales enablement, picture a recorded sales call where one of a company’s top sales performers uses perfectly negotiates price in the sales pitch and then explains their word choice in the pitch to meet the client’s needs. Approaching sales enablement with focused objectives such as this build the larger set of sales skills. TOPO agrees:

Effective sales enablement programs take a more purposeful approach, exposing sales reps to a wide variety of best-practice examples to model best-in-class sales execution. This framing enables reps to learn more within the context of the sales process and focuses their time and energy.

Sales enablement content ideas

Sales enablement takes on endless formats depending on the organization that creates it. As a general rule, generic content produces generic results. Look at your sales team and identify who is performing best, and why they’re excelling at their work. Then, harness that why and spread it to the rest of your team. TOPO offers six suggestions for content, and you should make sure to go and read them all, but we’ll focus on videos and content today.

Videos—Arguably the most effective sales enablement a company creates, videos help reps see another person acting out best-practice behaviors. They learn by example as you teach visually. TOPO points out that videos aid whiteboarding by adding a visual component to an intangible topic or process. For this reason, we made hosting videos in Lessonly easy. With our partner, ilos, you easily update whenever a process within the sales cycle changes. Just re-upload the video once, and Lessons assigned to everyone automatically update as well.

Content—Content covers a broad range, so TOPO suggests a few more specific ideas to get your head in the right space: “Collateral can include frameworks, templates, or checklists.” Enablement content really shores up the efforts of your sales team by providing best practices on how they should work. Again, lean on senior sales reps for suggestions here. If they use CRMs in a specific way, have them write a Lesson that explains how other sales reps do it as well. Taking a little bit of their time to increase the productivity of the rest of the team through Lessons yields a tangible benefit on a company’s bottom line.

TOPO has four more suggestions for content formats that sales teams benefit from, so be sure to check out their post. Every suggestion might not work for your company, so find one or two that really work best for your team.

If you’re ready to build great enablement content for your sales team, take a tour of Lessonly. Sign up today.

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