Lead, Learn, and Scale: Breakout Tracks at Yellowship

Yellowship is about to set sail! Our inaugural, two-day conference lifts off April 17th and is set to propel individuals, teams, and, businesses to learn—and win—like never before. With a jam-packed agenda that features 5 inspirational keynotes, 15 engaging breakouts, and more than 25 contributing speakers—there is something at Yellowship for everyone.

To focus our time together, we’ve set aside three breakout tracks for attendees centered around leading, learning, and scaling. Feel free to stick with one track throughout the conference, or mix-and-match to pursue what interests you. Here’s a closer look at each track:

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Lead | Breakout Track

Visionary and effective leadership is critical for any company and team. As the pace of innovation quickens, leaders face new and different challenges in managing and growing their team members. This track will engage leaders at all levels with expert guidance and strategies across a variety of topics.

Leading Morale—to Win!
Kate Nasser, CAS, Inc.
Capture concrete steps to inspire, engage, and lead morale. Don’t just drive performance; instead focus on morale so that teams inspire—and drive—their own performance.

Developing Next Generation Leaders
Summer Estes, Smart Rhino Labs
Identify how to recognize leadership potential, coach employees on strengths and weaknesses, and prepare teammates for future success—all while promoting team culture and unity.

Developing Talent on Purpose
James Miller, OutboundEngine
Explore how OutboundEngine’s Leadership Development program transformed their workplace through meaning, identity, and purpose—and how these efforts measurably improved both individual and team performance.

Core Values and the Bliss of Boundaries
Jacki Carr, Rock Your Bliss
Select and define personal core values to serve as a foundation for truth, direction, and healthy self-identity. Ground in what matters most, discuss boundaries, and practice the ability to say “yes” and “no” to design a life you’ll love.

Science as a Service: How Behavioral Science Unlocks Learning
Heather Haas, ADVISA
Walk through the science behind peak learning experiences that link to unique, measurable, and motivating drives of your people. Attendees receive three free Predictive Index behavioral assessments and a feedback session with a member of the ADVISA team.

Learn | Breakout Track

An effective and ongoing learning program is crucial to building high-performing teams. From designing a great training plan to measuring the success of learning, attendees will find out how to champion a culture of learning within their teams.

Launching and Scaling and Agile Certification Program
Keenan Schneider, Sprout Social
Learn firsthand how Sprout Social’s scalable certification program fueled their explosive growth. From the awesome to the ugly, walk through lessons learned and hear how Sprout Social’s small but fierce team is re-inventing their training program to stay agile, efficient, and effective.

Better You. Better Us.
Justin Moses, DSi
Unpack the importance—and necessity—of creating a culture of personal and professional growth, where continuous learning and practice yields remarkable team performance.

Building an Effective Learning Action Plan
Zoe Meinecke, Lessonly
An impactful training program starts with a great plan. Walk through the process of designing, building, and managing a training program that works—with focus on the timelines, milestones, and metrics that inform successful team learning.

Learning Inside Out
Sherisa Bly & Madelyn Cartwright, Thumbtack
Learn the hows and whys of designing optional learning experiences for your employees. Experts from Thumbtack will unpack the importance of developing partnerships of trust, using existing team knowledge, and designing a professional development program.

Measuring Success in Learning
Meghan Bilardo, Brand Muscle
Don’t let busyness and distraction get in the way of great training. Combat the myth that learning is inconvenient, and discover how to encourage better learning through engaging experience and tools.

Scale | Breakout Track

Building a successful team isn’t just about growth—it’s also about scale. The scaling track features business leaders who will share important insights and tips on building an organization that drives rapid and consistent growth for long-term success.

Why Scrappy Isn’t Scalable
Brad Chrisakis & Danielle Razzano, Classy
It’s never too early to start developing talent. Learn best practices for implementing a structured, scalable training program—from ground up—in a scrappy and reactive startup culture.

Sales Enablement Panel: The Learn, Practice, Perform Model
Meganne Brezina, Emarsys; Ellie Engelking, Duo Security; Jessica Helmbrecht, Delivra; Bryan Naas, Lessonly
Join sales enablement leaders from progressive technology companies to discuss the challenges and opportunities of scaling a high-performance sales org. See how learning and practice drive exceptional results—from startup to global expansion.

Onboarding & Personal Development Experience
Ruben Vermaak, Bynder
Hear how Bynder’s innovative, hands-on approach to onboarding—including an early focus on personal development for each and every ‘Byndie’—enabled growth from 6 to 270 employees, across 6 international offices, in 4 years.

Smarter, Simpler, and Faster Sales Onboarding
David Galindo, Spredfast
Unpack strategies for building and sustaining an effective sales onboarding program. Learn how to simplify processes, maintain consistency, and generate stakeholder buy-in—all while supporting organizational goals.

We Don’t Have Time to Learn!
Meghan Bilardo, Brand Muscle
Don’t let busyness and distraction get in the way of great training. Combat the myth that learning is inconvenient, and discover how to encourage better learning through engaging experiences and tools.

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