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Healthcare workers, nurses specifically, take more steps in a single shift than the average American takes in a day. Whether it’s running from room to room, pushing beds to the ER, or filling out paperwork, there’s not a break in a hospital. With your employees on the run, handing out training like water to marathon participants isn’t really an option with lecture-style training or even training that isn’t mobile friendly. Healthcare needs a better solution.

You can’t turn off the call button on the bedside table — well, you probably could, but you shouldn’t. And as much as we both hope my uncle doesn’t try to jump from the roof into his above-ground pool again at this year’s Fourth of July cookout, he is going to try. When he does, I’ll call the ER and say “Hello, it’s me, he tried again.” The point is, there will always be patients needing healthcare. Patients need doctors, nurses, and supporting staff, and managers need them trained.

Adapt to Your Employees

When you realize operations can’t stop for a 3-hour training meeting, there’s no need to panic. The best time to train your healthcare employees is on their time. Instead of adapting workdays and asking employees to stay later after their 13-hour shift, their healthcare training can go with them. With healthcare training software, you can quickly build, share, and track learning content to train your employees. The various tasks that nurses accomplish during a day are impressive.

Changes to the system, whether it is in forms, processes, or policies, can slow down a day for your employees. Instead of just throwing new policies at them in a meeting, offer mobile lessons that your employees can come back to when they face a relevant issue. It could be weeks or months from the meeting, so you want to be sure your employees know the new policy for a code blue.

Revolutionizing Your Healthcare Training Programs

Healthcare has always seemed like the most intimidating and complex field to me. So many diseases, so many cures, so many patients. There’s a reason 69% of healthcare employees report being stressed. If you’ve had your healthcare training program for several years, there’s no need to throw it out if it’s built on a strong foundation. By updating your training program, you can train your employees without adding any stress to their workday.

When you add a few GIFs, educational videos, and a beautiful layout to your learning, your employees no longer feel stuck in the 80s and can smile while learning about new medical advances. Having to deal with my uncle is hard enough, training shouldn’t add additional stress.

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