Keep Distributors and Representatives in Concert With Web Training Software

Keep Distributors and Representatives in Concert With Web Training Software

The business of distributors and traveling sales representatives can be a tricky thing to orchestrate. Distance, time, and availability of so many moving parts can often mean that wires get crossed and information is left outdated or forgotten. To help bring the company message back in tune, a web training software for representatives can make a world of difference.

Accessible Elearning Software

The mobile nature of sales reps means that no two days are ever exactly the same. Sometimes WiFi will be abundant for their laptops and computers. Other times, cell reception will be the only data they have connection with. A good web-based training software is flexible enough to offer the same training materials on different screen sizes and devices. Lessonly does this by keeping its app minimal, but functional. Pictures, text, quizzes, and more can be distributed through any device that can access the internet.

Cohesive Product Information and Training

It can definitely be a struggle keeping every one of your sales representatives up-to-date with the latest information on your newest products. Not knowing the product can make or break the sale and reflect poorly upon the distributor. By employing an online training tracking software, the central distributor can keep track of how representatives are doing within their product lessons. Whenever a new product or update is released, reps can receive an email in their inboxes that informs them of the new info and they jump right into the lesson. Lessonly is the perfect sales enablement tool for this situation; offering features that benefit the learner while letting admins and team leaders keep track of completion rates.

Scheduled Check-Ins and Assignments

Booking flights, rental cars, meetings, lunches, and plenty of other tasks can be daily occurrences for traveling sales reps. It’s easy to see how a webinar software notification can easily get dismissed or archived in the mess. Lessonly stands out from other online training development tools by offering scheduled assignments. Whether your sales reps need to complete compliance training once a year or you just need to have annual performance check-ins, Lessonly allows for scheduled assignments to be sent out in a cadence that you choose. Easily assigned and scheduled training straight to your reps’ inboxes all over the world.

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