What’s Beta Than Certifications? Introducing the Beta Launch of Our Newest Feature, Certifications

It’s here, friends! Get ready to change how you qualify, train, and certify your teammates to perform at their jobs. We just launched the beta version of a feature that’s been in the works for over a year now. So, meet Certifications! Here to walk us through the functionality of Certifications is Justin from our product team.


The Overview

As you start exploring how Certifications can help your team, here are some key things to note about the feature. And as always, if you have questions about any of these updates or other elements of Certifications, you know where to find us. Drop your AM a note or reach out to our support team, and we’d be happy to help you. Ok, so here’s what you need to know.

Certifications is available for all customers with Pro + Coaching. Simply email your AM to have it turned on in your account!

? This is a beta launch of Certs, which means it’s brand new. So, as you’re exploring it, we’ll be continuing to build it out as we receive feedback from you.

⏱️ You can build a certification from scratch or add any existing lessons, practice elements, and knowledge checks to create one in minutes.

? You can add certifications to paths, so learners can get certified as they progress.

? You can choose from a library of customizable badges to brand your certification and celebrate certified teammates—in style.

? All certifications have social media sharing and print functionality.


So that’s an overview of the functionality. But the best way to fully understand how Certifications work and how you can leverage the feature with your team is to email your AM, gain access to the feature, and explore it yourself for a few minutes. Tracking the retention of information through a certification and rewarding your teammates for their progress has never been simpler.

Also, we’d be remiss not to touch on the primary reason we created this feature in the first place: Clarity.


We talk about clarity all the time around here at Lessonly because we’ve watched teams work for alignment, gain understanding, and perform better. So much of Better Work starts with clarity, and frontline teams, so think sales and support reps, rarely have clear benchmarks or metrics to track their proficiency at certain aspects of their job. 

A feature like Certifications allows reps to become certified in different areas as they progress in their careers and essentially prove their proficiency. This not only helps them stand out amongst others in the hiring process, but it gives managers a more clear understanding of a rep’s level of experience and expertise.

Other Product Updates

Last but not least, we’d be remiss not to mention a few other exciting tweaks our product team made in Lessonly this past month. For those of you who juggle SCORM compliance with Lessonly, you understand how sometimes it feels like it’s SCORM’s world, and we’re just living in it… but not this month, folks. Here are two other updates to Lessonly to note!

Approximate Completion Time on Paths

Learners now will have a clearer idea of how long a path will take them to complete with a new display that estimates the total minutes left in their path! We built this solution so now any Creator can leverage the “Approximate Completion Time” field currently available on the lesson overview page to automatically calculate the approximate completion time for any path that their lesson is a part of. 

Good News about SCORM

Before you couldn’t modify a SCORM file inside of a lesson without creating a brand new lesson, but now you can. And you can edit the title and description of the lesson, as well as set the behavior for learners who’ve already had it assigned. What that means is that for folks who have already had a certain SCORM lesson assigned, you can decide as a creator if you would like the learner to have the updated SCORM file assigned or continue on their current version of the SCORM. So long story short, any sort of duplicating a lesson or double work you were doing to edit a SCORM file is gone, and you can now create lessons with SCORM files and edit them in your moment of need without all the hassle. 

A Final Reminder

Just as a reminder, Certifications is in beta mode for those with Pro + Coaching. So, to access it in your account, reach out to your account manager, and we’ll turn on Certifications for you to explore in your account. As always, drop our support team a note or email your account manager if there’s anything we can do for you or if you have feedback on how we can make Certifications better when we officially launch it later this year.

That’s all we’ve got. See you in August for more product news, but until then, enjoy Certifications!


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