An Introduction Performance Review Phrases Examples

We have given you advice to practice, write down, and role-play through performance reviews to truly prepare yourself for your performance reviews. But, what about before that? How will you prepare to even write down performance review phrases examples?

Below are three tips to put you in the right state of mind to tackle your performance reviews:

Start Simple

To be effective, initially keep it simple. You want to be able to give genuine feedback simply, so write down how you want to give feedback and try to keep it positive. Instead of asking an individual employee to improve, ask how you can help them improve.

Starting at the basic level, you can group what you want to say into various categories to try to plan how to phrase feedback in a positive light. Compliments are easy to phrase in a positive light and if one of your employees is excelling in a certain area as opposed to the rest of the team, consider asking them to create a lesson so the rest of the team can continue to improve the overall average output.


Instead of treating the review process like it is a review, try to be engaging. You want to open up a dialogue with your employees so you can improve as a team rather than just improving as individuals. Engaging your team could open up a more effective performance review. In an old-fashioned performance review, a manager would tell an employee how they are doing. In this case, let them tell you.

They may think that they can improve in an area you think they are doing sufficiently. Their goals may not align perfectly with your goals, which is a great time to open up a conversation about where you see the role going in the future.

Focus on The Relationship

When you focus on the relationship in a performance review, the review will seem more open and honest. Your employees likely desire feedback on how they are doing or what they could improve upon. So, also give them time to ask you questions instead of just making statements. This should be a time to improve the relationship, which will in turn improve productivity.

The manager-employee relationship should seem more mentor-based in the performance review, similar to the Star Wars kid and Obi-Wan. Reviews should not be a time of anxiety and nervousness. They should be a time to evaluate, set goals, and plan how to achieve them.

What have you found to be the most effective way of starting your performance review phrases examples?

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