Introducing Lessonly University

Here at Lessonly, it’s our mission, our true north, to help people do better work so they can lead better lives. We want every one of our customers to become Lessonly power users and lead their teams to achieving greater success through learning. Today, we are renewing that commitment by introducing Lessonly University.

Lessonly University

Lessonly University is a content hub available to all of our Admins, Managers, and Creators. It’s built exactly like our Learning Library and contains three main types of content, each designed for a different purpose:

  • Be a better Lessonly user. We’re proud of our reputation as best-in-class for quick, easy training deployment, but some guidance doesn’t hurt. So we’ve created Courses like Getting Started with Lessonly, Integrations with Lessonly, and Creative Ways to Use Lessonly in Training. These Courses and Lessons discuss how we, and some of our most successful customers, use the platform to create real business impact.
  • Be a better trainer. Being a Lessonly expert is all well and good, but as you know, tools are just part of what it means to be a trainer. We’ve also created content on topics like the science of learning, measuring your learning program, and adult learning styles, to help up your game. This is our favorite part of Lessonly University; it’s a culmination of the knowledge we’ve gained through our own experience and from our best clients.
  • Train your team. We’ve previously stated our belief in the value of indigenous content, but creating it from scratch is tough—especially if you’re a new trainer. So we’ve created plug-and-play training content for Learners on topics like Sales, Support, and HR. Many of these Lessons are taken straight from our own internal training program, and they can provide a great foundation for yours.

Note: Contact your Client Experience Manager to get a piece of Lessonly University content transferred into your team’s Lessonly account.

Your success as a trainer is paramount to us, because we believe a fantastic learning experience plus great trainers is the fastest route to happy, thriving Learners and teams. Lessonly University is included for all our customers as a commitment to your success. And we’ll be continually adding new content based on our roadmap and your feedback. If you have a topic you’d like to see covered, please let us know at

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