Introducing Lessonly Services, Accelerator of Modern Team Learning

Introducing Lessonly Services, Accelerator of Modern Team Learning

Employees, teams, and companies all do their best work when they have access to highly relevant, up-to-date training content, created by the people who know it best—their colleagues, managers, and leaders. But for many companies, capturing a complete foundation of institutional knowledge can be difficult. From company size, to complexity of industry, to constantly changing markets, obstacles to effectively capturing work knowledge abound. We’ve built our business by partnering with companies toward this end, and today we’re taking the next step in helping our customers accelerate the impact of their learning programs.

In the spirit of powering effective enablement for every Lessonly customer, we’re proud to launch the Lessonly Services team. Like the rest of our team, they are dedicated to helping companies build world-class learning programs that have real, measurable impact on the performance of their teams and employees.

We’re also excited about who’s leading this charge: Zoe Meinecke joins Lessonly with more than 11 years’ experience helping companies translate employee knowledge into increased team performance. Leveraging her expertise—and Lessonly’s experience working with hundreds of thousands of Learners—the Services team expands and accelerates our customers’ learning programs into fully-developed curriculums that increase productivity and performance.

The Services team helps Lessonly customers by:

  • Auditing and uncovering insights based on current training and learning programs
  • Transforming and reimagining existing content into modern lessons
  • Accelerating new and improved program implementations and rollouts
  • Increased content support for enterprise customers

Lessonly Services is a huge win for our customers and their teams, down to every Learner who uses Lessonly. This new effort represents the next step in Lessonly’s commitment to helping companies build solid foundations of learning content and empower their employees to share what they know, quickly and easily.

To learn more about how Lessonly Services can help your team build a world-class training program, sign up for a demo here.

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