Introducing Groups

When we launched Lessonly to our first set of clients, the feedback came pouring in (thanks!). We heard all sorts of things, but most of the comments and critiques fit into one of three buckets:

1. I love X!
2. I’m not a fan of Y.
3. Why can’t I do Z?

The most prominent version of Z went like this: I want to be able to add people to groups; then, I want to be able to assign lessons to those groups and easily track the progress against those assignments.

I tell you all of this for two reasons:

1. Client feedback means everything to us—thank you!
2. Today, we released Groups.

Like the rest of the Lessonly application, we did our best to design Groups to include everything you want and nothing you don’t.

A couple key things: a given person can be added to an unlimited number of groups. So, you might have “Sales” as one group and “Sales (East Division)” as another group, with one or more people included in both.

Here are the particulars for how Groups work:

To create your first group, click the “People” tab.

Click “Create the first group.”

Title your group and add people.

In the example image below, my group is called Marketing. When you’ve named your group and added people, click “Create the group.”

Now, you can being assigning lessons to entire groups with just a few clicks (more on how to assign here). You’ll notice in the image below that we use a unique icon to differentiate groups (Marketing) from people (Mark Hill).

Choose the lessons you want to assign, add an optional due date, and click “Assign.”

As soon as you assign your lesson, you can start tracking the group’s progress against it. Just go to the group’s page and click on the lesson you’d like a progress report for:

Lessonly will show you incomplete, complete, and overdue assignments. You can dive into the particulars of each with just a click.

To say that we couldn’t have built Groups without the crucial feedback that our clients gave us, well, that is one-hundred percent the truth. With your input, we were able to design the right processes and workflows and nothing more.

So, thank you again to all the people who put coffee in our bellies and smiles on our faces. Enjoy Groups!

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