Integrating Employee Training Software into your Business

Since we began our journey in 2012, we’ve held fast to the belief that training should be a priority for every business—when employees have the right information to succeed at their jobs, everyone wins. We still wholeheartedly believe this, and hundreds of successful customers have helped us fine-tune how we solve the issue of training for modern businesses.

We’ll also be the first to admit that when employees get busy, training tends to be one of the first things thrown out the window. We know this because it happens to us every day. Whether it’s our sales team working with prospects or our amazing support team helping our customers do their best work—the day can get hectic—and training can get put on the back-burner.

Modern training has to be proactive. It can’t wait for that elusive moment of opportunity when employees have time—it needs to seek them out in their moment of need. This is why we believe in integrating training into an employee’s daily workflow is a necessity, not an added feature. It’s also why we invest a lot of time and hard work into integrating Lessonly with other software partners.

Integrating training into an existing tech stack helps employees engage with training on a daily basis. Rather than putting training in its own silo, here are just a few examples of how we’re creating a unified vision of training.

Salesforce for service and sales

Teams who use the Service and Sales Clouds live in them. It’s where they run a large portion of their business. Integrating with Salesforce makes training easily accessible and connects data between the two systems to create insightful reports. These reports provide a 360-degree view of the organization’s training efforts and how they’re affecting team performance. This type of integration benefits reps day-to-day workflow, as well as managers insight into how training is influencing their performance.

P.S. We’re excited to launch a refreshed Salesforce Integration soon—stay tuned!

Better team communication through Slack

Convenience and easy access are important for any tool implemented in a business. Slack makes it easy to access team conversations and connect with other team members.. It’s become the hub of communication for thousands of companies. If employees are spending a lot of time in Slack, then it should also be a place to access important information about their job.

Our integration includes an easy Slack search command, /lessonly [search term], which allows the user to search Lessonly—just like they would in the app. If a salesperson is having a slack conversation with a colleague about creating a proposal, they can quickly type “/lessonly proposal” into their Slack chat and review the lesson about contracts.

Game-changing customer service with Zendesk

Our newest partner provides customer service teams with an entire suite of products. We’ve paired Lessonly with Zendesk to provide access to training directly within the Zendesk platform. So if a customer service rep needs information while writing a reply on a customer service ticket, they can get it without leaving the ticket. Integrating with the tools customer service reps use constantly is the best way to increase rep engagement and ensure that training has the information they’re looking for. Coming through with answers during a rep’s moment of need is one of the best ways to make training more top-of-mind.

Find out how Ibotta pairs Lessonly and Zendesk to deliver superior customer service.

Manage team members with Namely

An HRIS system is the hub of all employee information. This makes it the perfect partner for employee training. Integrating training software with an HRIS system provides an easy and accurate way to store and update user information. Our powerful integration with Namely also records key updates to departments, individual employees, and role.  Furthermore, adding Lessonly helps onboard new hires—and provide seamless and effective ongoing training for current team members.

Share knowledge in Chrome

Integrating with web browsers is a great way to create proactive training that meets employees where they are. Lessonly for Chrome allows managers to identify web pages and populate related training content to those pages. From how-to lessons for web apps to competitive intelligence on competitors’ websites, providing critical content and knowledge to reps enables better work—when and where they need it.

P.P.S—We’re also working on an exciting update with new features for Lessonly for Chrome!

Integration is a no-brainer

These are just a few of the partners we work with to make training more accessible, relevant, and impactful. Companies who want training to make a deep impact on performance should leverage their training content across multiple channels to increase engagement. The byproduct? Greater productivity and better work.

Take training to the next level with Lessonly’s integrations

Lessonly’s powerful training software drives performance for sales and customer service teams around the world. Elevate your training and do better work with Lessonly. Take a tour today.

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