Integrating Documents into Lessons

If you have a lot of training documents when you joined Lessonly, you might not want to start fresh. Transcribing documents into lessons can be a pain, and sometimes the formatting of the original document is perfect.

Good news, everyone, you can upload your documents into lessons to share with the rest of your team. Here are some different options:

Embed A Doc Directly Through the Doc Button

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 12.05.41 PM
Simply by clicking the Doc button on the ribbon, you can upload multiple types of documents including .doc, .ppt, .pdf files and more. Your team will also be able to download these documents. So, if you include a welcome packet or payroll documents in a lesson, your employees will be able to download them.

Although this is convenient, your employees might not scroll through all 4 or 30 pages of your document. The only way for you to tell if they saw them is by asking questions.

Embed Code From Your Document Hosting Provider

You can also embed a document from a hosting provider such as Box or SharePoint. Embedding a document from a provider ensures that you may still hold sole access to the document.

You don’t need to publish it online and you can still share it with your employees in lessons. Embedding documents through a provider maintains privacy, but similar to using the Doc button, your employees might not scroll through the document.

Upload to Slideshare

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 3.34.53 PM
Use the Embed function to directly embed a Slideshare. This is a great way to share a previously made Slideshare in a lesson. Using this method, you will have to publish PowerPoints online as public. You likely don’t want anyone to go through your training material for your employees, but this may be a great way to share general information or tips.

Transform Your Documents Into Online Lessons

Integrating documents into lessons is a great way to start your training program. It can get your lessons and employees up to speed sufficiently very quickly. But, transitioning your documents into lessons is better for the long term. When a document is transformed into a lesson, your employees will be able to search through lessons by using ctrl + f, or command, + f for Macs.

Through transcription, your lessons will stay on the right path and you can personalize them for each group. Documents can be a great complement to any lesson, but it’s difficult to make them into a replacement. After changing over your lessons, you’ll be able to update lessons quickly to keep up with your company.

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