Insights for the Best Customer Service Teams in the Galaxy

If we’ve learned one thing from years of working with customer service teams, it’s that an amazing customer experience is easy to champion, but hard to deliver. The rapidly changing realm of customer service makes it increasingly difficult to provide stellar service over and over again. Our newest ebook, The Future of Customer Service: Insights for the Best Customer Service Teams in the Galaxy, explores the future of customer service and provides forward-thinking teams with insights that will prepare teams for success.

The Crew for the Voyage

The best advice often comes from years of knowledge and experience, so we gathered the input of eight customer service veterans:

  • Mike Aoki, President, Reflective Keynotes
  • Jeanne Bliss, President, CustomerBliss
  • Ben Collet, Director of Global Advocacy, Enterprise & Strategic Accounts, Zendesk
  • Brian Costanzo, CEO/President, SOCAP International
  • Steve DiGioia, Trainer, Coach, Author & Speaker
  • Troy Mills, CEO/Founder, Customer Care Advisory
  • Jeff Toister, Founder, Toister Performance Solutions, Inc.
  • Hui Wu-Curtis, GM Customer Service Operations & Strategy, Arizona Public Services

These thought leaders, trainers, coaches, and speakers drew upon years of customer service experience to identify critical trends for the future of support teams. Read on for a teaser of the ebook, or download now to get the full report!

Oncoming Trends

Successful customer service teams are always learning and practicing—but they’re also looking towards the horizon for insights that will help them do better work. From the evolution of AI, self-service, chatbots, and machine learning to omnichannel strategies that improve customer experience, the support universe will be significantly disrupted in the coming years.

“Customer service teams need to establish a blend of high tech and high touch. The enthusiasm and pendulum swinging to chat, AI, and more is healthy, but companies need to get this in the right order and do it for the right reason.”—Jeanne Bliss

Brace for Impact

There’s no doubt that these technological and customer experience trends will impact the customer service industry. Customer service leaders need to consider both the threats and opportunities these trends pose for their teams. Although these shifts are already a foregone conclusion—enabling customer service teams to succeed takes forethought and leadership.

“Support teams will need to evolve from using tactical elements like a script, guidelines, and standard training methodology to a learning organization that is fluid, agile, adaptable, and quick to market.”—Hui Wu-Curtis

The Tools for the Journey

Our crew of industry veterans unanimously acknowledged the rapid pace of technological change in customer service. Self-service, automation, chatbots, and machine learning have the potential to impact the industry at an unprecedented level—but the experts provided some key insights that customer service leaders should consider before implementing these tools

“Tools such as machine learning make so much more personalization possible. It enables us to capture business intelligence without interfering with the customer experience. But, you have to be careful that you don’t lose the people factor. As advantageous as tech can be, you have to measure it and incorporate it into the human-driven experience.”—Ben Collet

The Qualities of All-Star Reps

The rapidly changing industry also means that customer service reps need to adopt new traits, skills, and competencies to succeed. The increase in interactions, channel diversity, and more complex needs requires reps—and their managers—to think differently about their jobs. This means training in news ways, on new ideas.

“Undoubtedly, a great rep needs compassion to understand the customer on the phone or online is an actual person—not a point of sale or a ‘time-limited’ call to rush off the phone.”—Steve DiGioia

Out-of-this-World Teams

The path to building an effective and successful customer service team may seem daunting. But the future of customer service isn’t a black hole. Our experts have provided advice and tactics to help customer service leaders, managers, and trainers lead their teams towards a better customer experience—and better work.

“Customer service leaders need to get teams on the same page when it comes to outstanding service. This means creating a shared definition of service—a customer service vision. The best visions have three characteristics: They’re easy to understand, customer-centric, and authentic.”—Jeff Toister

Download the Ebook Now!

With this ebook, your customer service team will be better prepared deliver amazing customer experiences in 2018—and beyond. There’s never been a better time to start planning for the future of customer service. Download The Future of Customer Service: Insights for the Best Customer Service Teams in the Galaxy and get started today.

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