Increase Morale with Certificate of Completion

Think back to when you were a child in sports. Do you remember how excited you were for the end of the season party or the championship game? You were probably excited because you had your eyes on the shiny gold trophy all season.

Trophies are significant to the recipients because it acknowledges their work efforts. Who doesn’t love being acknowledged and encouraged for their performance? I think the answer is no one.

Showing employee recognition and appreciation are two important things employees need to hear. Awarding employees with a certificate of completion is a great way to recognize your employees.

Finish Line

Finish lines are always motivation to keep pushing through to success. Attaining a certificate gives employees something tangible to strive for. Sixty percent of companies fail to set goals for the new hire. Awarding your new hire with certificates gives one a trophy at the end of the finish line.

Decrease Sass

Pouring all the training information into your new hire can be a draining process. Do not let your new hire begin to develop sass. A new hire needs to know that the information one is receiving is important. By having a certificate of completion at the end of training, it gives the new hire something to work for. Training will be taken more seriously and sass will be decreased.

Show off

Giving a certificate of completion makes each employee feel special within an organization. Training takes hard work. Show off your new hire. Use a certificate to let them know you take pride in them. Do not just place the certificate on their desk, have fun with giving the certificate. Post the certificate around the office. It shows your new hire you are proud of them. It is like having your work picture on your family fridge. Hang your new hire’s accomplishments for all to see.


A certificate of completion helps initiate new employees to the team. Receiving an award will give the new hire a sense of connectedness to the other team members. The employee will feel accomplished. It will be a confidence booster reminding the new hire that they will excel in their new job.

Certificates of completion will enforce positive behavior. Your employee will be happy because his or her hard work has been recognized, increasing the overall morale in the company.

Thank you for your dedication to reading this post. We would like to give you a certificate of completion! Our gift to you is 12 free certificate of completion templates. We have created these certificates in a word document for your easiest convenience. These templates are downloadable, customizable, and printable. Start acknowledging your employees today!

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