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If Only I Knew Then The 3 Things I Know Now About Online Training Software

How does online training software accelerate your training program? Online training software enables frontline teams to quickly onboard, access information in their moment of need, and house best practices and tactics in one central location for all to learn and benefit from. 

If I only knew then what I know now.

I had just completed an eight hour, in-person training for the fifth day in a row. The week was over, and I was completely worn out. I sat down, looked at my co-manager and said, “There has to be a better way!” 

To give you some context, the company I worked for was growing rapidly. Each month we were onboarding ten to fifteen new reps, and their onboarding experience was mostly instructor led. While instructor led training is great for engagement, camaraderie, and collaboration, it’s not so great for efficiency, re-accessibility, and knowledge retention tracking.

What I didn’t know was that there’s a solution to this problem, but at the time in 2013, most sales teams didn’t have access to an online training tool. 

Why? Two reasons.

  1. The learning management systems of that time period weren’t agile enough for sales or support teams. If you wanted to create a simple, self-guided lesson, you needed to be a skilled articulate software designer or have some sort of score authoring tool knowledge—this was NOT me.
  2. HR owned the tool and really only used it for managerial and compliance training. Sound familiar?

Looking back, I think there are three major ways an agile online training software could have helped me. 

1. Online training software simplifies onboarding.

The goal of onboarding is to provide your employees with everything they need to be successful in the shortest amount of time. 

This means getting away from binders and eight hour days in the classroom and moving towards self-guided training. In a perfect world, I’d like onboarding to be 60% self-guided, 40% Instructor led! When new employees show up on day one, they should be able to login to their email, click a link to access their online training system, and get to onboarding! Once they click the link, their entire path is completely laid out for them in the form of lessons, including videos, images, login information, walkthroughs, product information, certifications, and more. Once they complete the onboarding path, they’ll be all set and ready to go. You’ll never hear “I wasn’t taught this ever AGAIN!!!”

2. It makes information accessible.

When was the last time you went into a Google doc or binder to find an answer to a question? For me, it’s never.

You’re never going to retain all of the information you learn from a binder throughout your onboarding, so you need a place that allows you to access everything again in your moments of need.

Information needs to be way more organized than that, and in my opinion, it takes more than a free online training software to organize company knowledge well. For example, if you’re in a frontline sales or support role, sometimes a prospect or customer will ask a question about your product that you don’t have the answer to. You immediately message your manager and three of your co-workers. One of your co-workers might answer you immediately with something like, “I think this is the answer, but I’m not positive.” Four hours later, you get a message from your manager with the same exact, “I think this is the answer, but honestly, I’m not positive.” Where is the source of truth? We’ve all been here, right? 

A great LMS can be a source of truth that’s updateable, accessible, and easy to navigate. The scenario above never has to happen again.

3. It allows teams to scale tribal knowledge.

A modern LMS with authoring software capabilities helps team leaders engage their subject matter experts by allowing them to create documentation that the entire team can utilize. Think competitive analysis resources, product pitches and knowledge, tool training, and more.

Rather than having managers spend a couple hours chatting through their processes or having top performers constantly answering questions, you can empower these people to create a lesson in your e-learning software that lives forever, giving them their time back and allowing them to perform, while everyone else still gets to learn from the best.

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