I Know HTML: How To Make Lessons

I Know HTML: How To Make Lessons

“I don’t want to live in a world where someone else is making the world a better place than we are.” — Gavin Belson, CEO of Hooli

For those of you who don’t know Gavin Belson, or haven’t had the pleasure of watching Silicon Valley while comparing it to your own SaaS company (yes, I do this), then you’re missing out on an important part of life. You’re missing out on the perfect example of the Sitcom Villain.

The sitcom villain

They are there from day one and always seem to pop up when you least expect it; stirring up trouble in what you thought was going to be a worry-free situation. The Sitcom Villain is your biggest market competitor. For Apple, it’s Microsoft. For Google, it’s Yahoo. For Pied Piper, it’s Hooli.

Imagine grinding all week, prospecting, calling, and trying to win deals. In the middle of perfecting your pitch deck, you receive a call and the voice on the other end tells you, “Oh, by the way, we’re also looking at (insert your most hated competitor).


But now imagine this: Instead of dropping everything and going on a vision quest, what if you didn’t even break a sweat. How, you ask? Because you have access to a lesson that breaks down your competitor from every noteworthy angle, built collaboratively by you and the rest of the sales team. You know all that there is to know—you have the FYI on their CSO, their PPI, and their API. In short, you’re prepared to crush it because you have the learning content that assess your competitor’s:

  • positioning
  • products
  • service offerings
  • strengths
  • weaknesses
  • opportunities
  • threats

And it describes how best to convey these targeted messages to your prospects.

Hundreds of Lessonly-powered sales teams live this reality. They have access to a repository that is brimming with ongoing learning. The learning is alive (i.e., it’s constantly being tweaked and refined), and it’s just a search away anytime you need to review it. It’s Bachmanity Insanity.

Need to see it to believe it? Rest and vest and review the Competitive Analysis of Hooli. After all, you never know when Belson is going to decide to recreate your middle-out compression solution and beat your Weissman score.

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