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How to Humanize Your Automated Learning

When I need cash, I drive up to an ATM. Especially after banks close, these automated teller machines give me money right when I need it. They’re easy to use and all over the place, and—contrary to popular belief—ATMs haven’t replaced humans at all. Instead, they actually free up my friendly neighborhood tellers to devote their time to solving my more involved banking needs—in person.

Still, I don’t expect to find much personality in an ATM.

Similarly, online learning succeeds by supplementing classroom training with consistent presentation and the convenience of learning on demand. It frees trainers to use their time more efficiently. However, in its quest for efficiency, traditional elearning too often sacrifices the charm that the most effective human teachers bring to in-person instruction.

But fear not. You can still inject what’s truly unique about your company into relatable and personable elearning. Here’s how:

  • Put yourself in the Lesson. Introduce yourself right off the bat, and consider adding a friendly photo to your greeting. Doing so breaks the ice with your audience by presenting a virtual version of yourself.
  • Be a culture champion. Infuse your Lesson with a coworker’s favorite saying or any native language that your team speaks. When Learners feel that their training originates from within your company, you’ll see less resistance, more buy-in, and better retention.
  • Show and tell. eLearning shouldn’t mean long, dull, text-based blocks to slog through. With Lessonly, you can add video, really fun images, and even an animated Screencast that shows how to use a Salesforce feature. These multimedia elements can illustrate points better, get a chuckle, and make learning more enjoyable.
  • Play to your audience. If you need to fire up your sales team, consider writing like a coach in the huddle when the game is on the line. If you’re composing compliance training, make sure you’re explaining how this will benefit the employees, not just the company. And if one of your reps wants to share a new and effective approach for helping customers, include that person in the Lesson.
  • Write like you. We say this at Lessonly a lot. If trainers teach with passion, they can excite Learners. If trainers don’t show interest in a topic and are just checking a box, Learners will sense it and resist the learning process.
  • Read aloud. When you’re done, go back and read the Lesson out loud. Adjust your sentences when they start sounding impersonal, stilted, or boring.

At Lessonly, Creative Learning Manager Catrina Cranfill helps our customers write Lessons that truly engage Learners. We asked her for some additional tips for humanizing your Lessons:

  • Keep it conversational. Learners should feel like they’re part of a dialogue. When you talk with them and not at them, Learners will engage more.
  • Ask for opinions. Part of starting that conversation involves opening up a feedback loop. Use our Question feature to pepper your Lesson with requests for input throughout.
  • Make the context relatable. Adding a well-chosen anecdote can clarify and illustrate even the most abstract concept. By encouraging connections, you make a deeper impact and engrave the learning for better retention. Prompt the Learner with open-ended questions to connect ideas, make new associations, and apply learning.
  • Empower your Learners. “The content should not just impact the Learner; Learners should also feel like they’re making an impact,” says Catrina.

Whether you’re new to a training role or transitioning from a classroom setting, Lessonly can help you create trackable, searchable, and personable Lessons and Courses for your team. Find out how with our 15-day, free trial.

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