How Training Tracking Software Helps Customer Service Teams

This three-part series explores how customer service teams can use—and benefit from—training tracking software. First, we’ll take a look at why training tracking software helps teams boost NPS. Then, we’ll explore the impact of training on customer satisfaction. Finally, we’ll share ways your team can boost rep confidence. Let’s dive in!

If you’re like most business owners or managers, you’re already highly aware of the value of word-of-mouth advertising when it comes to creating and maintaining a healthy bottom line. After all, even though modern businesses depend on a digital platform in order to function, nothing has ever been able to take the place of a recommendation from a family member, friend, neighbor, coworkers, or even a trustworthy acquaintance.

You probably also know that word of mouth doesn’t just only happen these days on a face-to-face basis as it did in the past — the digital environment affects these communications as well. Online reviews and even casual social media discussions play a huge part in promoting businesses, and these days, even an offhand comment has the power to go much farther than it did in the days before the internet. This is both good and bad for businesses. Fortunately, digital technology also provides the ability to gauge and improve customer loyalty in a variety of ways. One of the best ways to do this is to know your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

What is a Net Promoter Score? 

A net promoter score, or NPS, is a benchmark that shows you the likelihood of customers promoting your business to other potential customers whether it’s through quick discussions at the work, over coffee with neighbors and friends, or by writing an informative and positive review on social media and various review sites such as Yelp. Many business owners and managers check their NPS on a daily basis and have business objectives centered around their score. However, NPS technology isn’t just for determining customer loyalty levels. Smart business managers also use it for online employee training and development and find it much more effective than many traditional computer-based training development software options.

How to Use NPS as a Part of Your Online Employee Training Platform

One of the basic issues employers struggle with is providing employee training that results in a quick, efficient onboarding process to get new hires up to speed in a timely fashion. You can easily evaluate your current training platform by checking each employee’s individual NPS score on a regular basis and measure that against how long it takes them to achieve an average score. You can then use a bit of trial and error to identify which training tactics are instrumental in helping employees reach the necessary NPS score as quickly as possible and weed out those which don’t have the same effect. 

One of the major ways that NPS helps with onboarding is that it allows you to narrow your training focus to meet the individual needs of each job instead of using a generic, broad-spectrum approach. You’ll be able to pinpoint the real impact of your current training program and identify its particular strengths and weaknesses so that you can make necessary changes.

How to Track Employee Training Progress 

The most effective way to track employee training is to take a multilevel approach, including a free LMS, that factors in the most essential variables. In customer service roles, the most important factor is going to be how soon a new hire can get up and running to the point where they are performing as a functional member of your team. NPS performance provides a clear picture of just where every new employee is on the road to full productivity. With those who have limited experience in customer service, it can also provide an indication of whether that person has any natural affinity for that type of work or if they may be better suited assigned to another department. 

There are many components involved in accurately tracking employee training, however, and NPS is only one part of a much larger puzzle. There are many different types of employee training management software, so one of the main issues is to identify the kind that works best for you. The most effective training programs are those that provide focus on the individual needs of each position rather than the ones that use an across-the-board, one-size-fits-all training. Using an employee training tracker free gives you a good way to test drive certain programs and determine how well they do or don’t work for your specific situation.

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