How to Train Your Employees on Customer Service

Training employees on customer service is not always simple, especially if you have a diverse team that is working in various departments or locations. Ensuring all of your employees understand the type of customer service you expect from them while on-the-job is possible by integrating a few methods of staying in touch and keeping everyone informed at all times.

Create a basic guide for all departments

Creating a basic guide that outlines performance responsibilities is essential to keep all employees on the same page in the workplace. Be sure to include basic questions and answers with an included FAQ, or frequently asked questions. Allowing your employees to review proper responses to sample questions is a way to familiarize them with the tone and method of speaking to any clients or customers who contact them.

Including sample questions and specific answers for employees allows them to better understand the method of solving problems. If you have common questions that are often asked, include them in the beginning of the guide to make it easier for employees to refer to them when speaking directly to clients.

If you need a starting point, download our Customer Service Training Manual.

Incorporate jargon with training lessons, sessions, and guides

Every company has it – consider the jargon you want to incorporate into training sessions, guides, and pamphlets you are providing for employees. Be sure to utilize buzzwords, along with positive language throughout to help those without experience in customer service to get started.

Setting a tone for how employees should answer calls and respond to customers is a way for you to build a brand for any business or company you represent. Ensuring the right tone is set when speaking to clients, whether cheerful or serious, is essential for success in the field or industry you represent.

Use training software

Using training software, like Lessonly, on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device is a great way to deliver your training material and to check in on customer service representatives with their progress. Training software is also ideal for employees who telecommute and may work from home as a customer service representative for your business.

Knowing how to train your employees on customer service is a way to put your mind at ease while managing other aspects of your business while guaranteeing your customers are content and satisfied. The more well-versed your employees are with a higher morale at work, the less likely you are to face any additional struggles with communicating to your customers or clients.

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